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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Get Together with the Queen!

Madonna_confessions_on_a_dance_floor_02_1Dancefloors' open & dance u must!

She's got that pink and purple vibe going on there, not what I really fancy. I love the artsy, grafiti feel of the videos though...its' just can you not resist, ahaha!Get Together is Maddie's 3rd single from the dance album we all love, Confessions On The Dancefloor

Click here to view the
"Get Together" Video and tell me whad'ya think about it! Merci peeps!

Maddie is on her Confessions Tour right now in the states,and gawrsh... to bad I'm not there to witness it but even if I'm there, tickets to all her shows are S.O.L.D O.U.T, so what the fuck should I do! Pray she'll come to Burlington, VermonT and have a show there in August and that's practically impossible.


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