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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Til' Death Split Me Apart

Here's whats happening...O.K this sounds pretty stupid but all of the things I'm going through this week has something to do with death and maybe oxymoron to think about it even though I'm alive but its an interesting phase to discuss, especially when you're looking at it in so many perspectives.
  • We'd talked about "End Of Life Care": Nursing Fundamentals was interesting, oooh wait till the Mid-Term comes and I'll be in my grave with a bunch of lilies...
  • My pal from Brooklyn, NY, Russell's doggie died...a terrier! awww he's an old-bag of fun!
  • Death in Literature, wtf! I mean I'm taking Child's Lit but does the character of the story have to die...Bridge to Terabithia was a conversial segmentation of realism, but death at young?
  • Oh, and Camay sent me interesting photos when she was out in Manhattan today, and boy it was all depressing!It was close to 60° in New York this weekend. Nice enough to take a walk in Central Park. The skies were blue, the ponds were thawing, and the pigeons were out in force. Well, most of the pigeons. A dead pigeon with winter coming at a stop, oh please.
  • Finally, me I'm dead now so rest in peace because the assignments and tests is definitely a torture, would some one just euthanize me now?
Here's one of my favourite's ...don't know what it is but I'll be happy to drool all over it, no pun intended!


Blogger savante said...

That poor pigeon is sure getting a lot of airplay :)

Oh no, I have fallen out of the blogroll!

5:25 PM  
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