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Sunday, February 11, 2007

The White Vol. 7 In Retrospect

Beats and eclectic tunes of dance, fusion and electronica fills me up every winter morning of Febraury and I'm sure its the best cure to every cold out there. Works well for me to get a head start of classes of pleasure but ominous papers and work makes the tables turn and my head spin. I'm Mr. Brightside, this time although tough times are ahead. The feelings of nothingness is just a requiem that entices the force of progression. These are the words, these are the moments, period....Spring awaits. This is fucking awesome I tell myself...really?
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1. "Read My Mind" (Album version ,Gabriel & Dresden Remix, Like Rebel Diamonds Mix, Pet Shop Boys Radio Edit, Pet Shop Boys Stars Are Blazing Mix and Steve Bays Remix) — The Killers
No doubt one of the best I heard so far in 2007...and from their album, Sam's Town. RMM definitely is a fuse between the good ol' Mr. Brightside and the raging pop of 8o's. This band have come a long way and Mr.Flowers is lookin' like the Bowie I use to know. An ear candy and the mixes by Gabriel and Dresden is a must hear mix where they finally pulled of a sophisticated acid beats to the whole feature. Adding to that, Pet Shop Boys made it wild, fun and robust. Mixes for Gabriel & Dresden can be listen to your hearts content by clicking here (Arjanwrites) and mixes from the PSB will be out in late March. (P.S the vid actually kicked ass!)

2. "Relax Take It Easy" — Mika
The new Brit sensation certainly make to mainstream pop. Mika's tasty and oscillating lyrics and repeats drills your heart into the blithe and everclear state of mind. No worries...I guarantee

3. "Unlike Me" — Kate Havnevik
You're not "you" when you miss Havnevik's enchanting silky voice with spectral vibes of electronica. Whisking away into unconsciousness, forget the pain with making beds and washing a patients. The Norwegian songstress is your next euphoric Sia in disguise.

4. "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" — Scissor Sisters
"Ta Da indeed!"The sisters unite once again to bring another hit wonder to the dancefloor. Nostalgic sense of the 6o's and Saturday Nite Fever comes haunting you back but this time with a contradictory message. You will feel like shaking your 6o's booty of ass once you get to the groove, hun! #1 on my playlist

5. "Sugar Baby Love" — The Rubettes
Love that 70's show? Wanna spread some love even though the weather is gloomy, or your ass got kicked by a test, screwed by your next door roomie? Fear not as The Rubettes will help you find true love on the guttural days of February. You'll find yours when the time come and NOT HATE one another, my v' day theme...

6. "New Slang" - The Shins
Is it one those days you feel lying down on the ground or kick some sand on peeps face, and feel good all at the same time? Listen and pray morons...

7. "Magenta" — Arno Cost & Arias (Radio Edit)
Let loose with another reverie of "sado-autism". Paint the town the "magenta" with this score of luminary anthem of space and time

8. "Say It Right" — Nelly Furtado
You said it right, Nelly! Headphones do wonders for the cavernous feeling on this haunting track.

9. "PROPER EDUCATION" (Sebastian Ingrosso Remix) — Eric Prydz vs. Floyd
The Ingrosso mix do make a Statement and pumps up an average revisit of this Pink Floyd number. Educate your brains, homo sapiens!

10. "Medicine" — Rara Avis
I'm a student nurse with ethnic diversity and studying medical terminology, steady this way goes...its hip hop meets meets the world, its my cure!

11. "Sister Winter" — Sufjan Stevens
Cut off the "Merry Xmas" part and you'll have a darn cold and satisfying winter, agree? This is a retro hit and I Heart it!

12. "HURT" (Jake Ridley Chillout Club) — Christina Aguilera
The weather is freakin cold, so is your heart...Xtina tantalizing vocal chords with intoxicating and swollen mix by Ridley makes your ear hurts in a good way.

13. "Catch You" — Sophie Ellis Baxtor
It's a new and brave comeback for Ms.Baxtor. Tantalize your earbuds with her pop-morbidity of dance pop again.

14. "The Jimmy Choo's" — Chester French
I'm going back to the days of the 60's...but avant garde in rhythm and theme. The song mixes up a myriad of styles and instruments to create a whole new brew that is invigorating and straight up fun.

15. "Ride A White Horse" — Goldfrapp
The TARGET ad intro Goldfrapp perfectly but this new entitied song from their new album deserves my awe.In related news, the duo recently taped a live performance of "Ride A White Horse" for Showtime's series The L Word. Their appearance will air on March 18.

16. "Papercut" — Roz Bell
All the way from Toronto, and living on modern urban pop. He's gonna be a breakthrough this year I bet.

17. "Wish Upon A Dog Star" (ft. Fergie) — Stream Satellite Party
Very unusual collaboration is a tight slice of pop rock that sounds somewhat nostalgic with Hook's instantly recognizable bassline...March 15, go to HMV period

18. "She's My Man" — Scissor Sisters
This just the vid here which is pretty cool

More to come peeps ;p


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