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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Singapore...Are You Dreaming Ah?

Singapore Dreaming is a poignant, yet darkly humorous story about a typical Singaporean family coming to grips with their aspirations (extracted from 19th Singapore International Film Festival website). The film was the first ever Singapore Foreign Film to win an International Film Award @ the San Sebastian International Film Festival held recently. In this movie, each member of the family struggles in climbing to reach their seemingly impossible dreams, which mostly revolve around the practicalities of life. Although this short film is released in the world premiere screening at San Sebastian weeks ago...this is definitely a must watch film for the current asian society. This film sumps up evrything that's happening not only in Singapore but our asian neighbors as well...the teasers were just amazing, because the words and characters just hits you. Undoubtedly, this movie is close to reality of people living their lifes out and forget who themselves really are. It's a reflection, and for me, look back at my past and my review my current aspirations.

Hmmm...I'll try to catch it if I get an online version but the trailer of the film can be viewed by clicking here. In a nutshell, this shows that asian short films are actually maturing and I'm just glad that it is...Read the full article from to get the dips!



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Hmm.. wonder when it's coming over here.

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