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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Falling in for the Fall makes you feel like a leaf, changing your color, your pure sense of the summer edging away, as I'm counting down the days to make the way for the whites that sends spine chilling temperature down to your gut, steadynow. Inspired and still extravagant, for the Fall season makes the summer the thing of the past, it grabs you. Shame and sobre is likely to awake as people say the FALL is the rebirth of everything in a year, it is "truly the new beginning" outshining spring. With solitude and rhythms of foliage, music calls for a more slowbeat but meaningful moments of oneself....checkout my my Fall rotations, what you need till the last leaf of the fall falls on you (check out iTunes, Amazon and Ares for these foliage beats) :

1. "From This Moment On" - Diana Krall
Sensitive, Slow and sensual, just what you need!

2. "For Reasons Unknown" - The Killers
They killed my past and heal my wounds, upbeat but strikes you gently

3. "Chasing Cars [Acoustic]" - Snow Patrol
Just like it because it's in Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack and most of the songs on the album reflect what the show is all about. Need I say more?

4. "Universe & U" - KT Tunstall
Another Tunstall favorite, another Grey's Anatomy Soundbite and another twist of nothingness, great song to ponder!

5. "Holiday From Real" & " I' Ready" - Jack's Mannequin
Great Piano and Rock combo, catchy lyrics, I can sing thru the rain for this. Just rain on me and I'll play it

6. "Romance In F-Sharp Major, Op. 28, No. 2" - Schumann
One word: Peace

7. "The Seasons, for piano, Op. 37 Autumn Song (October)" - Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky with John O'Conor
I especially love Mr. O'Conor's interpretation of "Duetto" from Mendelssohn's Song Without Words and "Warum?" and "Romance in F-sharp" by Schumann. Any music lover will enjoy this gorgeous rendition pieces. Tchaikovsky rules in the Fall!

8. "The Only One" - Evanescence
A spiritual piece that enravels horrid relatioships of ones past. It's the fall so get over it with this song.

For song #9, #10 and #11: I'm going for retro-international hits here...

9. "Arigatou (Fall Entourage)" - Sammi Cheng
Cantonese and japanese fusion of thanks since Thanksgiving approaches, why not!

10. "Dia De Enero" - Shakira
From her Fijacion Oral Vol.I, this song brings you in a trance like state of wonders, I love it and I hate it...

11. "Sakura Drops" - Utada Hikaru
Then last sakura drops and I'm done with the summer love!

More to come...=)



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