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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Where Has Mikey Boy Been ?

Truth is, nowhere! It's always the same old routine as my days in Malaysia is so going to end soon. I'm hunting for every Malaysian food I love and possibly the best in town. I know its gonna be tough leaving behind the "mamak"routine I always have with friends and of course those chinese pastry. It'll not be the same even though NY's Chinatown have some of them. What are the 10 things I'll miss, here's Mike Top 10 "Misses" of Malaysian Food (in random order of course), all deserved to be my #1's because I'd grown with them all my life!
  1. My Jalan SS14 Wong Soon Kee's Seafood Pan Mee
  2. SS2's Crunchy Curry Puff (forgot what's the vendor called) , its fucking huge and its worth every single sen!(and the S'ban Siew Pau is just so addictive and loads of fat too, but I still eat it, I can't resist)
  3. The mamak's we have everywhere, especially during WC, it's the most happening place like a club, difference is you get Roti Canai and tarik served (still loads of fat)
  4. Nasi Lemak: it's a love-hate relationship, you love it because it's a rice that you can't find anywhere else in the world but hate because it's so fat, haha!
  5. All those asian buffets & high-teas in high class hotels are just O.K with me.
  6. Laksa places, I've got a bunch of places I love going to satisfy my crave for laksa, cant remeber the name but it's still fat!
  7. In Ipoh, there's a restauraunt selling taugeh and chicken...lou wong, yes that's aplace I'll never forget, my hometown
  8. A weeks ago in Penang, another hawker stall, I still can't remember the name: Lesson 1: next time remember where' you're eating at, please Mike!
  9. Kopitiam...The Old Town one is O.K
  10. And finally, I miss the good-old Malaysian breakfast in the morning, whether it's chinese, malay or indian know you're hung with it! The banana leaves, chopsticks and sambal does it everytime.


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