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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Pass Me the Baguette Please

Les Bleus and Italia: all great things come to an end tonite and I'm celebrating it at Cabana. Wanted to go to Mont' Kiara though but I'm spending a lot these days so watching it somewhere around Subang will be worth it. So who do you think will take home the Cup De Monde? My friends are going with the pasta freaks and me, the roosters of course.It wasn’t the prettiest game in the world cup as you can their records are not that stable but Les Bleus got the job done without any of the main players picking up a ban for the final, now they can really go for it and send Zidane out on the highestofhigh

The two have met four times in the World Cup before, Italy won in 1938 and 1978 and France knocked Italy out of the second round in 1986 and the quarterfinal in 1998. Add to that the final of Euro 2000 and Italy might have revenge high among their motivating factors.They’ll be wearing their Azzurri blue as the home team in Berlin and France will be in their ‘lucky’ white strip so both team’s are happy with what their wearing. But I'm not....I still prefer French with their blue top because it's France we're talking about the last time they won it back in 98, it was blue.And guess whose not showing up this time, Benedict the French Rooster was ban a few days ago because Animal Rights Activist complained to FIFA about letting the chicken into the stadium to become their mascot. It's thought to be a lucky charm for the team, so its a no rooster show this time for the French.Apparently, French asses are showing up for the tournament, what the fuck?

I'm Counting down the finale, can't wait for Shakira to shake those hips....yeah lie to me baby with your hips. And of course passing of the baton to South Africa, the future host for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.Au Revoir to WC fever for now...not nowlah! I mean tomorrow,lolz!


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