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Monday, July 03, 2006

Munch-Away with A Birthday

America celebrates its B'day this summer with eating extravaganzas. And taliking about dogs, munching 50 hot-dogs in a 12 minute time frame is exhilarating and at the same time, sick! I tried out a 15 hot-dog all you can eat test and it took me about 18 minutes to consume 13 and a half of it.But if I would to eat the dogs, I need to do it the "L.A Style" just like the ones I had in Pink's, California.Lots of onions, pickles, sauerkraut, hot mustard, jack cheese, sesame and nachos, but NO KETCHUP PLEASE: dogs don't go well with tomatoes, it'll ruin the taste.

The one I had was the Harry Potter special and it's fuckin' delicious, the best dog ever I had in my goddamn life. Ooohh..I could just taste the hot sizzling dogs of summer now...arghh. Don't worry
my little puppies, I'm coming to get ya soon...real soon.

(top) Sonya Thomas a.k.a BlackWidow (reigning world champ for eating Maine lobsters), left came in second place after downing 39 hot dogs last year, revenge is definite, Koba "Doggie" Boy and Eric "Badlands" Booker is on the right. All eaters are a member of the Int'l Federation of Competitive Eating

Only doggy wackos can swapped the dogs within minutes and their doing it when America's B'day comes 2moro evry year. The world champ of Doggy eatin' Takeru Kobayashi is gonna defend his title once again tomorrow at Coney Island, NY and Joey Chestnut, of San Jose, California (who just recently, in June 06, ate 50 hotdogs in 12 mins) would be a match for Mr. Koba. Watch out! Nathan's Dog-Eating contest is equivalent to the wrld championship of fast food, particularly hot dogs, if didn't ya participate in this competition, you can't be crowned the world champ, peeps.

(right) Joey Chestnut is the ultimate competitor for Mr.Koba in 2moro's Doggie match!

But what about ot
her eating contests, America is going full blast this summer with HER very own specialties from Apple Pies to Pickles and Burger Bonkers, you name it. I gotta make a promise that I'll stop by Pink's and Nathan's and that's a must!

And, what's Bush, Koizumi, and the Presleys have anything to do with America's Summer eating fiesco? They're working on a new recipe for this year's steak-licious summer White House Menu, it's called The Wild Texas Kobe Steak served with Graceland Wasabe and 100% Japanese Prime Beef, it's pure fusion and the beef reared in Bush's Bloody old Texas Ranch!

P/S I was just kidding with that ass licking good dish, it was something, eh? Nthless, the pic is one weird one as politicians and Presleys seldom come together for "stuff", if ya knoe what I mean...

(top) Koizumi ( current Japanese PM), a die hard fan of Elvis asked Bush to take him to Graceland just to see the Presley's for the summer, isn't that just fascinating? He'd got star strucked!



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