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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Countdown For Spidey's Return Begins

I'm an avid fan of marvel comics and I still keep those Marvel Trading Cards and a few key comics/editions I have 10 years ago,now just looking at it just takes your breath away. However, nothing is better that a great movie with everything you can imagine on-screen, Sam Raimi did a "marvel"lous job in adapting the Spiderman series on screen. Kudoz! So, as you know.....Sony Columbia Pics. plan to do a "6 episodic series" on screen for Spiderman because of its success and support from fans. Spiderman 3 is beginning to take its shape and our anticipation grows day by day for the release. Just yesterday, Sony released its teaser trailer for "3", the third installment for Spiderman...yay!

I know you guys are in Superman Hype mode, but please don't forget that Mr. Spidey is always around your neighborhood. So, the returning
Superman would just have to bow to the power of Spidey's sophistication of humans, he's a more establish character these days...because Spidey's always around when you need him and Superman just flies around, and gets lost for a period of time.

Where the hell are ya, Superman? I know you've watched Superman already in cinemas but the problem is, because he's not on planet earth the whole time, people tend to forget this fallen hero, kay enough with the Superman thingy. In "3", Parker boy will face 3 ultimate villains from Stan Lee's key comic editions, "3" features Venom, Sandman, revenge of the green goblin a.k.a Hob-Goblin. I thought they wer gonna put Shadowcat in there but I assume It's gonna be in Spiderman 4. Check out this website for the vicious villains details, click here

(top to bottom: Venom-played by the That 70's show star, Topher Grace, Thomas Haden Church plays The Sandman and James Franco replay his role as Parker best friend and foe, the HobGoblin...great cast here!

Let us go crazy once again for the man with the tight spidey suit again,here' are few of the screencaps from the trailer lined up for the countdown
(Click on the top left to see the whole thing, for a larger view)

You gotta watch the teaser here, because its just awesome!You'll have to wait for the theatrical trailer coming in September-October, Spidey, spring your sexy web on us, hehe!

(left :-A Remake of the HobGoblin- a shade of bronze, and metallic brown signify the return of the goblin with a dark avenging motive Bottom: The Venom awakes!)



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