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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Barfing Beckham Is Awesome

You just have to let Beckham bend. Just bend it like him and I'll guarantee ya, England goes soaring like a wild white lion thru the Quarterfinals.....C'mon Beckham we need your awful barf to keep England alive!. I love this shot because it's one of a kind. His barf-shot is making the headlines in every paer of the world! Wow...

As the Mirror UK said, to the English fans,
"We Gut the Great Feeling!"

A shot from the weekend's World Cup matches. Beckham propelled England into the quarter-finals with a free kick and then proceeded to show the world what he'd eaten for his last meal...
Bottomline, England is lucky because, they've got Barfing Beck on their side, Portugal's Key Players are off the field
in the next game and Beck will continue barfing once again,
statistical analyst predicts.


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