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Friday, June 23, 2006

Ghana IN ::: U.S Outta' Here :::Italy Reigns

Ghana team got their just desserts when they manage to qualify for R-16 last nite. I'm happr they did because we should have an African team going in. It'll be fun and even though they're not as good as Argentina (my fav lol to win!). They add a touch of fun to the matches I've seen so far. Love their comebacks.

I'm really excited for the match: Brazil Vs. Ghana because it's gonna be one unpredictable match. When Football pOwerhouses like Brazil, Argen
tina and Portugal, you can't assume that they're gonna win all the time but of course the advantages are there.

Italy qualified top of grp E...plyed well andwill be meeting the Aussie boys. Now this one, I can say that Italy will definitely win this one, why?'s so obvious that the Aussies are weak in their line-ups. We'' just whether my predictions are right. The WC gets more intense and paraapapa...I'm Lovin' It!

American soccer has fallen, almost! I thought they were gonna make it like they did last WC but someone's gotta leave. The one thing I don't really like about American soccer is their country are not fully supportive for the team at all. I mean, it is growing in the states but I don't see any lovin' from the folks. One of my friend in the U.S says it's a"minor-thingy"."
We know U.S isn't going into the Semi's, so we're not so into it this year" one friend of mine said. Its a pretty bad day for U.S and I don't really like Bruce Arena's coachin' he sucks at it! =(


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