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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A "No Underwear" Fall for D&G

Thank god for the "no-underwear" collection. It's about time the designers put some clothes onto the customers. Hello? This is the Fall season not the Summer! Earth calling Dolce people...So, bravo for making such great designs.In fall, usually we are used to see leaves falling off the trees ... This fall Dolce & Gabbana will make the pants fall as low as it is legal ! Here are a few shots from their fashio walk weeks ago.

I was in Singapore on Sunday June, 18, when walking around Taka, Paragon and Orchard, then I stopped by D&G store, and it was just awesome. New Styles, even got the official catalogue but like everybody, I'm darn broke, we'll just have to settle for Topman...hehe! If you were not sure what the new Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign was about, this photo can help you guess !

Still want to have a peek at D&G , click here


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