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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Nerdy but Nice Are Back on Your Wardrobe

FIRST Fashion Alert!

The return of the short-sleeved dress shirt: "It's a particular look. You can look very cool in it, but you're never going to be chic. It's easy to slide into schlumpy office worker."

According to DETAILS Magazine, a mag that gives great fashion tips for today's metro man, short sleeves are in today's top designer wear and the bad thing is I throw most of my short sleeved formal clothes away. Holy shit! But I'm determined to get new ones in store to stock up the wardrobe.

So if you're heading to but clothes during this sale season, check out the lines and be sure to get one!U gotta look at ur best but not only that, you also gotta know how to wear these.

Just as nerdy retro-inspired glasses have become a fashion staple, the shirt is rolling up its invisible sleeves to get into the fashion fray. The Nerds are back says the NY Times


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