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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Nothing Can Stop Them Shining Unless...

Holy Crap. What a pounding… With so many things to say, here are a few salient observations:
1) I think I remember Argentina beating Mexico 6-0 on the way to its 1978 title (though I could be wrong here). If so, that’s a great omen;

2) Abbondanzieri has so far seemed like an entirely d
ifferent person than the one suited up for the preliminaries (though he hasn’t been tested);

3) On this blog, we’ve referred to Messi / Tevez as the offensive, off-the-bench ‘ace up the sleeve’ - Today they scored 3 goals in approximately fifteen minutes…How do you think an opponent must feel if they’ve managed to contain Argentina’s starters for, say, a half and then have to look up and see those guys on the sidelines?;

(Left) Carlos Tevez of Argentina is congratulated by team mate Lionel Messi of Argentina after the fifth goal

4) Assuming Argentina pounds Holland - it seems we’ll play either Mexico or Angola in the next round (much better than Portugal); In general, I’m still having trouble digesting that this team could be this good…We need to put up an impressive showing against Holland and I’ll start to begin to allow myself to feel confident…We need to beat Holland to avoid falling into Brazil’s bracket.

(Below left to right)
Argentinian midfielder Javier Alejand
ro Mascherano is in pain and we got a happy Maradona here who celebrates the 6-0 victory here! O.K,so Argentina spanked Serbia's ass out of the world cup but enough with the exaggeration of joy already...

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