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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wayne Rooney for Nike: The Living St. George Cross

Keep your hands on the wheel. England footballer Wayne Rooney celebrates while painted with the St. George Cross in a new Nike billboard that went up next to the M4 motorway in Britain yesterday. The billboard is part of a £5million endorsement deal signed with Nike two years ago.Rooney was back in the game for the match against Sweden last nite! Gawrsh! Didn't score there...but England of course got into R16 with Swedes. High comedy defending from England. Still they’ll stuff Ecuador - the second rate South American powers don’t like it up ‘em. Predict 2-0 to England then either Holland or The Argies in the quarters.With England’s proformance thus far in the tournament, I wouldn’t consider them losing to Ecuador going home early but rather on time.

What's going on here?Oh..I know it's the feeling of getting another "injury" again. Darn Eriksson!

"I feel fine from the injury. There were no problems and I was able to keep with the pace of the game. We had a good first half but didn't play so well after half-time. I’m not disappointed I didn't score and I wasn't angry when I was taken off – it's just that I wanted to play. A draw was enough to win the group so we have to be happy. Losing Michael is a blow, of course, as he is an important player who scores goals. I think we can beat Ecuador."

-Rooney Boy-

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