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Monday, June 19, 2006

Argentina VS Brazil: My Vision?

Arghhh...BRZ got in to round 16 just after half time today. It was madness. The Aussies were defensive but can't withstand BR's attacks. Once again, the Latinos showed no mercy on those inexperience teams. Let's just wait till BRZ find its match. I can see it clearly now, ARG vs BRZ in the Finals...or not! We'll see,huh?

Here Cafu "performs" a dance ritual with Fred after a goal this morning.2 become 1. Aww, isn't that the 'Brazilian Signature for Mating'? O.k, Okie.. its not a dance but just a celebration. I was only kidding! No harm done for you Brazillian fans out there! =p

Pictures Coutesy of AFP


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