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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Royal Laughter

Dude, thanks Andy and Zach (Wow Report-England) for keeping me posted on the British News...All this hit is just too awesome to's one!

From The Daily Mail:

"While she gamely tried to maintain her legendary poise and dignity, Philip, the Princess Royal and Princes Charles and Harry fought a losing battle to stifle their mirth. Sideways glances and suppressed grins slowly gave way to open laughter. Harry even had to cover his face and duck out of view to hide his uncontrolled guffaws. The Queen, however, adopted a stolid expression and flicked her eyes to her left in a look of reproach. Perhaps the icy stare did the trick, for her giggling family soon regained their composure to watch a huge crowd applaud the Monarch's official 80th birthday."

Yeah, yeah . Harry I know It looks fucking weird to see your stepmom dress-up as a "guy". Even they are humans too ya know!

Pictures Courtesy: Daily Mail (UK)


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