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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Entourage Arrives to Asia...It's About Time!

HBO presents Entourage, the hit comedy series executive produced by the hunky and talented Mark Wahlberg that takes a look at the day-to-day life of Vincent (Vince) Chase, a hot young actor in modern-day Hollywood, and his entourage. He's brought with him from their hometown in Queens, NY: manager Eric, half-brother Drama, and friend Turtle. The series draws on the experiences of industry insiders to illustrate both the heady excesses of today's celebrity lifestyle, as well as the difficulty of finding love and success in the fast track of show biz. Now that the boys are getting used to the perks of stardom, Eric, along with superagent Ari, keep Vince's star rising while making sound decisions for a long-lasting career in a world of fleeting fame.

Jeremy Piven (plays Ari Gold) is the key character in this HBO Original and boy, he plays it well. So, what about him? One popular phrase says it all: "Hug it out, bitches!" All signs point to Jeremy Piven having lost all ability to differentiate himself from his Entourage character Ari Gold. The latest infraction took place this weekend at a Chicago Cubs game. I'll let the Tribune tell the story, just click here to know what I'm talking about!

Why you should watch Entourage? That's one good fucking question! Some might boringleh, wasting time (typical M'sian thinking) or worse, so dull and too much talking!
Not this one...In my perspective, it's a great story, rich and diverse characters played by talented cast (like Jeremy) is always a trademark of HBO Originals just like the Sopranos and Six Feet Under. It has got this pure emotional quality and depth to it, really thought provoking yet humorous! You guys gotta watch this and I'll guarantee it'll be as good as Six Feet Under.

It's already on America's HBO and will be on Asia's soil soon so stay tuned!
To find out more about Entourage, HBO has it all: US Website & Asia

(clockwise,Ari,Drama,Eric and Mrs.Ari)
For me, I've been watching the pirated versions (Season 1) selling in Shoppin' malls, naughty boy, huh? Oh well, what do you ex
pect? M'sia is darn fuckin' late in releasing great dramas like these.Entourage is on their 2nd season now in the US.

I'll be writing more about Entourage (Season 1) coming out in July 2006 in HBO Asia and maybe I'll put a special collumn for it.We could discuss its content. I love analyzing dramas and movies and doing this one is going to be a bang!


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