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Friday, June 23, 2006

Nike Rooney Was A "No-No" for Church

Do you remember the ad that Rooney boy made for Nike? Now that fucking image sparked outrage. Recently, British tabloids have been getting statements and critics mostly from MPs and church groups.I think its just an ad with our dear old Rooney boy showing off his pride for football that's all. Nothing wrong there. Nowadays, church everywhere are getting critical with entertainment media these days. Look at Da Vinci Code, O' how lame can that be! For me, an ad is just an ad...the way you interpet it is just your own
business, it's kinda like ART right?

Now, according to the Mirror, UK's #1 tabloid,

"Rev Rod Thomas of Church of England evangelical group Reform: "It's quite a disturbing image and because the paint is wet, it really looks like blood. It therefore brings to mind the crucifixion to many people, and why Nike would want to do that, I haven't a clue, unless it is simply as a publicity stunt. The trivialisation of Christ's suffering is highly offensive to Christians and to God. This will cause real hurt to people. The other aspect of it is the aggression contained in it, bound up with the flag of St George, which you might see as a throwback to the Crusades, which is hardly going to go down well with Muslim countries. It's offensive on several different levels."



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