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Friday, June 23, 2006

L'Oreal goes surfer dude crazy

Dude Kelly Slater, currently living the age of 34 looks youthful and fresh as always! This 7 World Time Champ in surfing has got more bigger fish to fry. He is joining the L'Oreal dream team and becomes the new brand spokesperson for L'Oreal Paris skin care products. Slater has also been in several ads as spokesperson for your designer surfwear: Quiksilver, Volcom just to name a few....

The video with Laeticia Casta (hot model) can be seen in France and other countries, it's showing on local tv-stations in Europe it will not be seen in the US and Asia since they do not target this market with him! Furthermore, L'Oreal Malaysia doesn't market the line (products) for men so Slater can't be seen in our local ads. So, I went to the Official L'Oreal website for the lowdowns and got a peek @ Slater's ad. Awesome dude!

Didn't see the vid yet, click here

L'Oreal's previous television ad already featured a guy who kind of looks like Kelly Slater don't you think ? So, how's the old vids like, click here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Kelly Slater I hope to see this ad soon on TV here in Italy :)
Thanks for the video.

10:58 PM  

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