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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

'Make Love Not War' During The World Cup

O.K, the idea is somewhat making sense, but how can we say this is true? Take a look at this pics because players are now having fun, becoming small-friendly puppies and little friskies during their training sessions. Hello? Focus....pple! This is the WC, not a time to play puppy-loving....awww.Cut it off! I know its great to play around but not until you rub each others a**ses lar!


(top)Brazillian FOOLS!

(top, left to right) Share some love and faith, don't neet too but really want to, the Czech getting ready for a GQ mag photoshoot eh?

(top) Kiss me ya bitch! Or I'll kick ur balls, And one and two, get up for the big stretch, gurlz...

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