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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

An Owen Warning Means...

A Striker Gotta Do what a Striker gotta do!, when you're outta there said Mirror UK. They've interviwed Owen, have a look at it. If you're injured, critics wouls come along way and just recently, before he depated from Germany bck to England, a warning is just beginning of England's unsatisfying plays in this WC. As I've said, England's matches are the ones not similar to the games in qualifying matches. I'm totally lost and disconnected. It was always "we've done our job" said Barfing Beck, but hey, I don't think their job is done so far in the tournament. C'mon, and listen to Owen for crying out loud! Again, Mikey boy can't play for his side for this one.
It's just so unfair...For now, LION or LISBON, that's the



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