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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Get Lost With Mr. Fox

Yeah I wish this would happen to me...but not in a million years, eh? ABC "Lost" star, Matthew Fox recently just looks great in this Italian Mag my sis bought. He's becoming a metro. like guyz all over here and a.k.a The New Sensitive Guy by the gurlz critics. I love watching this primetime series on AXN but always miss out on the episodes so I buy the DVD. Fox is just a great actor. There's just something different about him, the way he carried the character. Talk about addiction, I 'd just bought the Season 1, 2 today and I'm gonna watch it bck to bck wif my new mini-home theatre system...yay!

Wanna know more about the brave Mr.Fox, then check out Lost, cause you've found the right drama after a hard day's @ work or class. Here's some pics of him:



Blogger Sam said...

Awesome stuff man. Just followed the link to your blog, and was reading a couple of entries. You just know how to throw topics around to keep readers engrossed. Great work! Keep it up~!

PS: I love Matthew Fox! He's sooooo cute. Okay, that must've sounded pretty weird to you. LOL! =P

2:07 AM  

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