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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Get Inspired Or St.A-R-T Strucked

Want to start drooling for masterpieces like I did months ago. The good thing is, I don't have to visit art galleries nowadays, but even if I visit, Malaysia just isn't "artist friendly" or "an art-people paradise" if you know what I mean. Unlike in NY, ART is a lifestyle, breath and feed our life with art. It's just too pretty there, so just to keep me posted with what is happening in the Art scene, I go visit art blogs. If you're an art enthusiast like myself, Thirst for that sensation to be inspired or just make critical comments on pieces, I recommend a few online galleries for yours and my pleasure:

2. Rafael Perez Mix and Match Gallery - if you love erotic art
3.Thinking About Art - advanced artist in the complex world of art
4. Absolutearts - This site has a personal touch
5. DeviantArt - It's just smooth!
6. Blog-Art - For a French flair on art

You'll be hearing about it in days to come...and my personal art gallery, I'll upload it real soon, just vey lazylar now! I'm trying to work-on a few and finish by June. It's not routine but I'll try adding some personal style to it, but I I got inspired with Warhol's work and of course Peter Balmain and Rafael Perez. Just brilliant! Problem is, no canvas at my homeleh, but this one piece is going to be just like my own themed-package.


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