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Friday, June 30, 2006

Football Is Going Vintage Now!

(top) Both teams met twice in the FINALS but
Riquelme and Ballack have not and its gonna be a fierce one

Who could ever believe that the "Giant 6": English, Argents,Germans, Brasil, Italians, French, the fathers of all world cup champs meet in the K.O stages...just brilliant and today, my team the 'Sunny Boys" = Argentina will meet the Gruesome's gonna be a nail-biting , thumb sucking, aa=plunging game, haha! Kick-off is just hours away, and Friday nite, baby! It's party time. About this CLASSIC match, the home team still has the greatest advantage in this tournament. Reading S.I article about the match is a great warmup to this match of the tournament...It's just a classic!

p/s I bet ya know so win lar por favor!



Blogger kekex said...

hey, blogsurfed here from...axcest i think. great blog!

germany won btw =) woohoO!

2:11 AM  
Blogger Ajaxxboi said...

Yeah, better luck next time...Sunny boys! Another 4 years to dream on for Argentinians and they feel so close to achieving its glory yet so far-away!

Germans gonna be in the FINALS....I can predict and this is a must!

8:00 AM  
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