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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Streep Is So "Devilicious-ly" Fun

Calling all designer brand junkies, fanatics, and addicters alike...The Devil Wears Prada movie rocked! Although I didn't watch the movie yet, I have a feeling that this one is one major comedy you wouldn't want to miss, ::and the:: critics knows that Meryl Streep (previously in A Prairie Home Companion and The Manchurian Candidate) did it again with an outstanding performance for her 'notorious sadist' character, Miranda Priestly. The movie is originally based on a international bestselling novel by Lauren Weisberger, who tells her work-experience in Vogue.

Hollywood Critics said that this might be Streep's best performance so far in her career. Watching Streep bitching around with pure bitchiness is just too much fun. And if you watch the sneak peeks and scenes on Yahoo, you'll know its great stuff you're watching: all that Humiliation, dry humor, fashion bonanzas, stucked up assistants and a bit of tender loving romance, it's a dark, twisted, sophisticated, rich comedy.

We don't usually see Meryl at her 'worst" (and I mean in a good way) but this one is gonna knock your socks off. WARNING: This movie is totally for sophisticated fashion freaks. Those of you who don't know a single thing about fuckin' fashion these're not gonna have a bitching good time, haha. So, pick-up that fashion mag and start drooling and digging at fashion facts!

I'm gonna stay true to my words, not going for piracy eventhough its on sale on the M'sian market right this at your cinema for the quality and it's gonna be worth every single penny, trust me! We'll have to wait for the highly anticipated comedy this summer, The Devil Wears Prada, in cinemas will be out in Asia late July, gawrsh...I'll be in Orlando at that period of time I'm afraid =(, I'll watch it while I'm there, I guess. For now, It's a face off between Mr. Kryptonite and Mrs. Devil Streep herself in the US BoxOffice.



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