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Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Night of Tears And Cheers


The Journey to Glory: theirs and mine ended today and it's been hard. As I always imagined that it'll be a draw because both teams are just outstanding teams. They deserve to be in K.O stages. Well, The Args felt the pressure and Germany got the upperhand advantage and you can't blame them for superb penalty action there. I thought it was the most high adrenaline game ever, what do you expect...this is truly a match not to be forgotten. So What Now? Pack your bags and dream on for another 4 years...hehe and that seenm so far-away.


(top) Luck at First Sight? Kahn passed the baton last nite to Arsenal's GK Lehmann to stop the Args...must say Lehmann is one heck of a GK, he's kinda like the successor of Kahn "It's a tradition, to succeed especially in penalties and we must not let the tradition fall, said Kahn"

(2nd top) Love at First Sight? German Chancellor Angela Merkel and FIFA president Sepp Blatter got something going on there...shut up!


(top) Rodriguez shed a tear for the end of their campaign, I know how you feel!


(top) Jurgen Klinsmann put on a rockin' good jump, like a rockstar jumpin for his burfday present, what I love about him is his optimism, never have I seen such a positive, cool and collectve coach!

All in one , feels like an oscar winning movie for me, football is a beautiful game, haha- 4 more games to go and WC is just yesterdays fastleh! My prediction a Germany VS. England Final , that'll be the two lions of Europe meeting each other! It's gonna be huge...



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