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Friday, July 07, 2006

My Sisters And Me

"My sisters and Me, my sisters and me..." that's one of the few lyrical words from Madonna's next latest single "Jump", after Get Together, this is featured in the The Devil Wears Prada movie soundtrack. Eh, I go and talk about Madonna pulak, the memory still lingers in my fucking head...o.k, nvm me after all that totally crazy experience at Mambo Jambo that wed. night, what I mean is here's a list of lnks that might make you go hhuuhh? And what the hell is going on!
  • Key Trauma for Lohan
  • Hide and Go seek for the Cruises
  • Scissors Sisters opens their own University (yeah rite)
  • Trump Let out some Tears
  • Yo Ho Yo ho, the Pirates Life For you (Not associated with the opening of The Dead Man's Chest)
  • Zidane: A Nightmare of the The Portugese Tarts of Europ
I know its been to tabloid for me and you but I gotta let loose a little...I was thinking about revolutioniZing my own blog...yes...this is the last you're gonna hear entertainment crap from me, kinda sick with all this junks, dont'cha think. For starters, I'll be writing something more, provoking, personal stances, "deep" and "things you don't want to know about my life", expect the unexpected,'ll be so much fun. But....... wait isn't that gonna be too exposed to the public eye, hell yeah! Gotta think...think ! Think of a way to make it subtle.

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