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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ciao Italia

I'd never imagined an Italian Final in this competition, all I thought was Germany, Germany, Deusthland, but hey, again this is football, so anythings' possible. Match last night was aquite a bummer for eyes closed when it went into 2nd half but I was awake when a.e.t was on the way. Didn't go "mamak" this time because too lazy to get out of the house. I've been out for quite sometime these days for the WC. It's been becoming a habit and unusual sleeping patterns are actually showing. Take for example: I slept 10 am in the morning once while I was having breakfast and the one @ noon, but I thik itwas just a short nap. But I'm not a nappy pillow person during the day, but this is weird. Guess football is just one crazy game, sacrifice must be done.So, what about Italia....ok my predictions were fuckin' wrong...haha, Germany losing it in the last minutes is like 90 minute disaster game. I dunno...its just, I don't feel quite right about it. Italia are not really peeps fav to win the cup, thanks to the little publicity they had this year. But, at least they've picked up their form like the French. I'm going for the French because I think, they're gonna go all the way. For Italians, "Au Revoir",as for the French, "Bellisimo"



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