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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Getting Jiggy With Some Research on Art Pieces

Yesterday nite, was like just any other night. Ass on the chair, radio's on and sketches drawn. I spend most of my time reading but of course, there assignments to be done. Like the one I had just last week. Tomorrow's the deadline, and right now I'm just working on it. Thanks to the "mr.Lazy" here, typing this blog. This assignment was harder than I thought, filled with crappy details but then again its quite refreshing. Title of the assignment: Islamic Art: Is Modernization Possible? .This is a random topic I got from my lecturer, and at first was like what the fuck was that all about? I know little about the art of Islam maybe because of the exposure I get school. Back then, it was modern and traditional art all the way. What I found out about Islamic art is just exotically weird yet fascinating. I got a inspired as always after reviewing some pieces on the net
  • Islamic art seeks to portray the meaning and essence of things, rather than just their physical form
  • Painting and sculpture are not thought of as the noblest forms of art
  • Calligraphy is a major art-form
  • Geometry and patterns are important
  • People do not appear in specifically religious art
So Islamic art focuses on the spiritual representation of objects and beings, and not their physical qualities.The art I'm talking about can be fused with today's modern gothic revival style, which is what I'm trying to figure out un my assignment. But is it against the nature of Islam with its exquisite deep cuts and meaning. It's a debate on my paper alrite.

So, I was there sitting at my f
av desk of my entire life...well I assume there's gotta be better ones but a simple one will do. Here, you would think its pretty those designer desk when their in progress...and mine's pretty like those, except I love stacking stuff, messy is sometimes fun, gotta let loose and break the rules a little. After all that hardwork, cleaning up the fuckin' desk was also fun, because I just can't stand it when the top is messy and I'm not doing anything.

[pic source from Gardner's]
And, Kahlo's works is not to be forgotten, manage to drill thru a few websites on herself, I call it a tribute, since its her b'day few days ago. Another friend of mine, an artist like me is just eccentrically crazy about her but then again who would not love a provoking artist like Frida. Sharanya's Blog, she did a fantabulous article tribute on Kahlo, so go check it out>.

Talking about
it, I even watched the film played by Salma Hayek...two times I think on her b'day. So, there you go that's my tribute, simple but meaningful.

Art assignments like these are a lot work but they're pretty interesting and I don't mind working another especially if it's post-modern which I get to do my fav artist of all, Warhol: The Master of all masters!



Blogger savante said...

Love Frida Kahlo! Her art's so terribly original and distinctive!


12:46 PM  
Anonymous Sharanya said...

Thanks for the mention, Mike! :)

We still haven't gotten together for Presidente margaritas in honour of Frida! You watched the film twice on her b'day? All I did was down five or six of those! ;)

1:51 AM  

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