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Monday, July 24, 2006

Bucaneers Score Big Time This Summer

Well, Capt. Sparrow and his crew of the Blck Pearl did it again becoming one of the top movies for this year (and this is fac
t) Arrrgghhh...look at that staggering amount of gross at the box office, a whopping USD$322 mil, still encounting. No other movie this year can beat these lads and it'll be a miracle if it ever happens. Anyway here's review on the film itse;f. I am a fantasy film freakazoid myself and LOTR of course is the masters of all fantasies, sadly their trilogy came to an end, but looks who's here to feed our hunger for the mystical world of fairy tales, its POTC and of course, Jack! Depp is just a beauty to watch, can't help laughing...hell yeah. So, last nite I went watch Dead Man Chest AGAIN, it's been how many times? Like 4 times I think? Bbbuttt,It's worth every penny because there are some good reasons, #1 the movie was long but a bit draggy, still you're paying a ticket for entry. #2 Jack is Back and Keira. darling....she's just so pretty to drool and Bloom, the Romeo of our century, fed-up of his presence actually and finally #3 Jack Sparrow's beard, did I tell you I have a fetish on his beardy, bushy facial hair, oops secret's out, but the make-up was just perfectly well done.

Now, what I don't like about the's draggy once again because it's all about the 'Don't trust others' theme and it took Bruckheimer an hour to spread the message but overall everything you want in a Blockbuster, Pirates serves it on a silver plank....if you dare to jump! Another thing that makes a bit dissapoinment was some scenes are not in the film. Yes people....F.Y.I; They deleted some parts! Click here to watch the trailer

Go watch the movie again and see the theatrical trailer and you'll find the weird stuff I'm talking about...It was in the trailer but it wasn't in the movie like: on the when cannibals was chasing Jack will says "where's Jack I can leave without him." Then he sees Jack running and he says "Never mind, lets go" but in the movie he says "Times up!". And when Jack was cheif he's suppose to ask one the natives "I see alot lot of women every where, but not much childrens, why is that", then the natives says "They've all been taken", well i found that on the and this too , well i kinda saw it on the secret of the pirates of the caribbean video.

Next scene, When they are on the beach with the 3 men fightin
g starting Jack says to Will "If you miss trust me, listen, you can miss trust him, trust me."So those parts were deleted from the movies, i'm not very happy that they didn't put that in. Still, Pirates still deserves my place in one of my fav fantasy must-see....I'm gonna watch it again and again till I get fucking tired of it! Yeah I'll do that...and I'm not wasting my money. (left Depp and Bloom enjoying a post-pirate retirement, POTC 3 due out next Summer featuring Chow Yun Fat, (left pic) a famous Cantonese HK Born actor playing some dastardly villain (his famous roles in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Anna and The King) ....whoa bet you didn't know huh, so here's the rumor. Imagine, an Asian pirate in the Carribean shores, I didn't know pirates can be so multietnical, bravo Hollywood!




11:45 AM  
Blogger savante said...

Wah, the picture is that good! I must go catch it soon then!


11:43 AM  
Blogger mintos said...

I totally adore POTC! I cannot believe they deleted some scenes!!! *growls angrily at the censorship board*

4:17 AM  
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