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Monday, July 17, 2006

Get a Tan, Dance With a Fan and Columbia Rules!

Sunday - July 16: Columbia Answers!

Titan of Great American Skools arrives, not really. Alumnis, current students and reps from the skools meet together @ the Sunway Convention Centre for this one time event. Though, I'm quite dissapointed with the reps presence. They did not show up, so there weren't much information obtained but manage to talk about the alumni's experiences. My school did not showed up because yeah it is "not-your-famous" school I guess. That's o.k!

43 out of the 47 schooles turned for the event manage to get lots of goodies from brochures to pencils and even a mini football, yay! (not a soccerball) Ivy League schools, of course, were the stars of the show. Dartmouth college was the only one that didn't make its way to KL. Others were great and as always, the Harvard booth was like a place selling popcorn, although they didn't! Just don't get the point, I mean it's just a school with a famous name, some even stayed for hours at that booth talking to the alumnis there. I bet they get bored of the same questions and people, lolz!

There were some pretty weird things happening while I was there, the building (floor) rumbles and shake,I thought it's one of those earthquake moments, seems to be the construction of Pyramid 2 next to us. Second thing is, this "Kiasu Girl" I met at the fair, really "kiasu'...asking for my 'free-bag' whether she can have it even though I' carrying it...ahhh and all that stuff, please stop the 'kiasuness', just don't be so obvious even if you want to be kiasu person and finally, I came face to face with my student visa inspector I met at the US Embassy, she's really nice, didn't expect she would come to a social event like that!

Ah yes... the Master of all skools in the entire world, Harvard in its Crimson Glory, their brochures are "selling" like hot-cakes, the stall packed with parents, droolers and dreamers.

Eh, why the t-shirt come off izzit? I must say that Columbia's booth looks a bit dull dont'cha think. C'mon Columbia...where's your shine! I got there and most of the alumnis I talked to were engineers...great! They don't know anything about Nursing. Duh! I'm coming to Columbia baby!

Here's Cornell...Columbia's so called cousin because they're in NY together and they research together!

Then there Harvard's all time arch rival: Yale

Stanford is NOT, I repeat is NOT in the League

And Nebraska too...hey, did you see Tommy Lee's show on Channel [V]?, awesome!

.....Cal State, met this hot chick there, forgot her number arrgghhh!

The Opening cermony...boring! yada..yada..yada! Boing! second family in college: The INTI-AUP pple and frenz! Gonna mizz them much!

...And finally the goodies! I didn't know people are into collecting brochures, especially Malaysians, let's just hope that there enough for everyone who came to the fair. Total madness, I mange to collect the ones from the league schools and some Nursing info: Graduate studies. That's all I could think about!

Saturday - July 15: Dance till the Cows Come Home

Bon Odori in Shah Alam was not really the "real thing". Compared to the one I went to in Penang, Shah Alam's Matsushita venue was way smaller and it didn't have those fireworks which I'm longing for to see.At least I have my final one before I'm back to FL , there's not gonna be one unless I'm at San Fran or Hawaii. Anyway, I had a great time with my high school friends and mange to get some shots at the scene of the crime.

Niko Niko Kitchen offered a wide varieties of japanese foods like onigiri, korokke, ikayaki, yakisoba, hiyashi udon and so on~

...Sushi King too (the not so Japanese Authentic restauraunt...boooo)

Galz in bright color yukata having their shaved ice :) I didn't get the chance to grab as hved ice though coz the queue was fucking long and the dance is about to start!

....Dancing time pple! It's the cream of the crop!

(p.s--There's gonna be more pics from my frenz, I got truble xchanging the photos and stuff, will upload it soon!)

Thursday And Friday- July 13 and 14: The Not-So Eagle Island

Kedah-Langkawi was a great place to go for a weekend and I took some photos....I was awaya from Internet access, so can't really write blogs at that period of time but anyway lots of things happened from Thursday to Sunday. Went to Langkawi for two days, Bon Odori with me High skool friends on Saturday and Experiences Fair yesterday.I'm totally exhausted but fun is the word for this entire weekend.

(top to btm) Me tan @ poolside, Motels and Chalets are cool and comfy on a hot afternoon, Cabanas are just luxuriously furnished pillows and drappings, had my burger and fries lunch there.