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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pack and Fly or Rest then Pack and Fly?

Gawrsh, the anticipation of going over to NY is drivin' me nuts and I'm so buzy that even forgot to update the blog so here's one that O.Riginally stinks. With the finals in just a few days away and the flight of my life in a week. Bit-size tension is in the air, and growing every minute in Malaysia. Expectations are kinda low but confusing. Study is priority but getting ready is a lot of work. Even got major japs from Mr.doc of mine...and my arms hurts...ouch!

The last time I get a dilemma like that was back then, that is choosing the schools to apply to, then choosing schools to attend. Well the truth is, Plattsburgh was not my first choice coz it sucked big time but then again you can't go wrong with a partial scholarship offer, so I decided to go ahead with it instead of attending UAB or Nebraska. Ilove these schools, unfortunately financial reality sinks in. I'm so frustrated and I though all hope was lost but then again, at least I have another 2 years to complete a degree and maybe go to the schools I really want to go to. I'd even try flipping coins to determine which school would be "the one" and it turned out to be Plattsburgh.

Fortune favors the bold so I head for the Plattsburgh alternative but never in my darn head imagined that all will turn out to be a.O.K. It turns out that Plattsburgh had transfer affiliations with SUNY Binghamton, a top public school, and it's way better than an ordinary college. So, I'm really happy with the decision. I can go transfer to Bgm'ton in my Junior year. I'm gonna spend my last years as an undergrad in good old upstate Ny.

But getting ready to pack for the trip and the entire year @ NY is sick! I must admit, I'm a real loser in packing travel items, there are just too many items to bring and the 'regret' of not bringing the items you're suppose to bring but you don't have to, is such a pain in the ass, guys, anyone who live out country for studies, comments would help A LOT! Luggaes are's just too bad there are limits. Rite now, progress is on the way!


Blogger savante said...

plattsburgh is a real place!? God, I am such a geographically misplaced bimbo.


12:14 PM  
Blogger sbkang said...

Heya! Yes, I'm living in NYC. Thanks for commenting!

4:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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