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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Do The RainDance This Summer

I bet you heard about the heat-killing news happening across the U.S, in CA its fucking hot and the weather claimed a few lives. Even sis living in FL was complaining about the merciless heat that made the news. "The heat is different from M'sian one" said Lynn.The Dry, sizzling and scorching rays of the summer are a deadly combinaton, especially if you're living at the Southern states. The Big apple suffered and temperatures remained brutal. The National Weather Service reported record highs for the date at La Guardia Airport (99 degrees), Kennedy International Airport (99) and Newark Liberty International Airport (100). Records were also set in Islip, N.Y., at 98 degrees, and Bridgeport, Conn., at 97. The temperature in Central Park reached 96, which was short of a record.But guess what, rain came pouring in Manhattan this weekend and people went hysterically crazy about the rain, its been weeks since the Big Apple got a shower. Late summer and the Fall is just around the corner. I just hope that when I get there, my skin and lips doesnt crack like a nut and shed like a snake, it'll be disgusting and weird to see skin sheds continuously, it will probably take some time to get use to the Fall.



Blogger executorlouis said...

I have yet to experience extreme temperatures like this heat wave but i hope never to. The hottest summers in Melbourne are a manageable 38-40 degrees celsius. Thank god. =)

1:27 AM  
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