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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Rebirth @ Plttsburgh, Good Idea: Dead Blog, Not Good

Holla people I'm back in the Blogging business once was a one month hiatus I just feel so bad and detached form the world of internet. Kill me now, I deserve it...and well I feel I wanna knock my head against the wall, well I'm welcome to but then again, nobody would write the blog right. SilLy me! Oh well, Plattsburgh been a good place, well in some ways but I think everything here is fine. Tests was freaking hard but I got through it, lots to go thru until winter breaks in. I miss Florida, my friend the sun is just what I need. Lina, my sis is moving to Daytona Beach, FL, They actually moved a few days ago, so no Orlando for me I guess when I go back there... If you're still following my blog, please do so because its the only way I can communicate my thoughts to th e people of the world haha! Still I'm happy that I could write a blog here....this is my forst blog in U.S yay! (above, Lina's house: they've moved and I dont know where the hell they're gonna be at! No idea)

Tomorrow, is A & P Day ( that's shorts for Anatomy and Physiology Course)and lab is gonna be fun and that's what I'm going to document about in my coming blog...gosh I have so much to write and this is fucking overwhelming. I'll try to keep with the pace. Until then, adioz for my blog now!


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