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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Columbus Awaits...

Finally, a break of 4 days, and I'm filled up for the week. Friday is one of the best days here in Plattsburgh, everyone starts loosening up, waiting for the weekends to come by and just chill. Here are some pics on the foliages around campus. Now what are the things I plan to do in this breezy 'autumnastic' season, well not much but I would love to head over to Burlington and the parks here, Gabrielle, my host "mom". She is so nice! Love her, love her....she is taking us places, yeah and I'm definitely not gonna miss out on that. And, the shopping for the winter? I gotta go stock up some in my warbrobe, it's fucking cold rite now, my bones are shaking like there's no tomorrow. I would love to go shop this weekend and that's what I'll do! Here's a list of things to do before Fall fades away, I must do this, I have to:

(top to btm, last glimpse of the sun before Columbus rises, and my "backyard, great view!)

1.Go get some nifty and stylish winter coat, TJ Maxx's an option and some other place

2.Go to a pumpkin patch nearby and carve a pumpkin with Kinnon and peeps

3.Try out some Fall recipes and cooking at Gabrielle's house
4. Help with her move out up north

5. Go see this natural hot spot that she's talking about!

6. Pictures, pictures and more pictures uploads

7. Thanksgiving feast, cant miss that out!
8.Maybe wear something during halloween...i don't know what the hell I'm gonna be?
9. Maintain constancy with whats going on in class & nail the anatomy stuff, its a pain in the ass!
10.Finally, mingle with more nursing peeps, I don't see any, where are u guys?

~*Columbus day rocks!*~


Blogger savante said...

I wanna see that stylish winter coat!

11:15 AM  

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