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Saturday, October 14, 2006

What's Cooking in Me Room?

Nothing much really, the past couple of days has been boring really especially with exams coming to get us again and this time is no laughing matter. Those fucking exams just wouln't quit coming up but hopefully this weekend will change everything, so what's actually happening in NY. Rumors said that winter is coming early and hell yeah...Buffalo's snowing already and campus looks pretty dead, what do you expect. It's freaking cold outside. T.G.I.F! Ryoyu, Makoto and Harumi are my new posers this week..haha


Anonymous karen said...

Hi, Jasmir, I cannot clearly of what you are cooking in your room. Also you are facing the back of the camera therefore I cannot see you.Anyway, who is the beauty that sleep on your bed? She looks like she in a dreamland.Ha!Ha!. Anway, that's another lassie glueing to the TV. Isn't it? Its good to see that you have are thorn among the roses almost in the pictures so far. Oh yeah! I want to advise you to wear a cap on your head as I can see all your girls friends are having caps around which means the weather is now very cold. You haveing a bald head must have something on too or else it's easy to catch cold and as days goes by you will have headache or rhumatism when your old days come.
Bye! Love Mom

5:54 PM  

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