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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Episode 1: The Walk of my friend is having this thaang called " A week Review onself" how lame wuz that? Review of oneself? U think ur somekind of a test paper, golly!The truth is I wanna dolike what he did, cuz I think its way better than writing a daily blog which I don't think I'm that "hardworking" ...that wouldn't work. Well, in my version, no reviews I'm afraid. And a bunch of photoz...I'm a cam whore already,wud somebody help me pls.

"The Walk" was a just the walk I always do to Nutrition clazz, duh!

Gloomy days are just apart of life here at Prattsbooked...get over it already!

Ah..Michael's when you're here you go crazy like a kid in a candy store!

Gabrielle was just a sweetheart...♥ ya lotz! u promise me a turkey rite? Gimme gimme...
(Me @ Michael's)

Coloring is so much fun...I feel like a kid again (homework for A&P)


Blogger Sam said...


I forgot you have a blog! How could I!?


You put Paul's Bedtime Stories, Wei Min's blog and Hui Ling's blog on your side links and you didn't put mine!? Hor hor... why so cham one... =P

That aside, great to see you're doing good there in... uh... Plattsburg, or Prattsworth, or whatever you call it. =P *huggies*

1:36 AM  
Blogger savante said...

Ooh. I see all the discount tags and my eyes widen.

10:09 AM  
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