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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Baby In The Bottle, Rub Me The Right Way

Sounds familliar? that was Xtina's hit back then in 1999. That was a long time ago, and the next time you hear this, you would be a mother two or even six. Monkeys, kidneys, name it. Dr. "A" got it all figured out. Yeahhh dream big, dickhead. Anatomy and Physiology II was something that I could relate to all this time, I think I have grown to love the course as the way it is. Playing with kidneys, doing the Bagel cut on it, it is a dream come true, seriously. Who would have thought that I would cut kidneys in 2007. Nobody! Not even in high skool.
As the semesters' coming to an end as so as my time in Plattsburgh, I feel like its just yesterday I came to this land of the Cardinals. Wasn't a big deal, well, the place was not the people I met here was definitely the cream of the crop! I'm sure gonna miss A&P class of 2006-07. It was one heck of the course, Dr. Amsterlaw, is so far the best prof. I could ever want for A&p...I'll be sure to take one pic with her when I get home, now that's a promise. For now its back to some kidney action and lame mnemonics to survive for finals, phewww...

Two Words: Creepy and Alive


Blogger Bibik Nyonya said...

OMG....i came axcross your blog while having lunch!! Yummy...wekk!

Good read though...ha ha ha!

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