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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Priced Possesions, Die Without 'em

Well maybe I'm a bit too serious but heyy you only live once and why not just splurge yourself a little for the summer? I got myself 3 awesome stuff that keeps me going, one of my favs from Gentle Giant Ltd. and NECA Productions, is the Grey Wizard himself, Gandalf or a.k.a Mithrandir (for hardcore fans). Recently, NECA (on the left) was one of a kind in the market, 3000 limited edition, so it mine was stock number 2671, not bad eh? Its completely sold out in toys store everywhere, and this would be the best sculpture 20" I'd ever own. I just know where it will fit in my room!

The next Gandalf, is a limited edition as well, from GG Ltd. This one with beautiful detail, Gandalf Stormcrow is really the "real" thing, I could just stare at it till my eyeballs come out, ok I exagggerateeeee...

LOTR fan would not be complete without the COMPLETE special extended edition of LOTR! Fuck, this really gives me the goosebumps, over 20 hours of scenes and extras, at a price for $39 from You can never get lost Middle earth! I have both FOTR and TTT but not ROTK, so this is just perfect.
Finally, SIX FEET UNDER, this is one of the drama series ever, period! And I'm taking an English coursein Binghamton next Fall, I think it's ENG 398 Six Feet Under and Beyond - Death and its meaning. I cant wait!!!! This is a unique boxset with astroturf on top, resembles the tomb in the gravyards, 64 episodes, that 25 discs, cutscenes, extras and 2 soundtracks with collectors book, wow its worth every penny! Bid on Ebay for $150.

Grey's Anatomy Went "Nuts" Last Night

Gay's Anatomy last night tackled a topic last night that would make most grown men squirm. The chairman of the hospital board came back from the Amazon with an affliction that stumped the doctors, but was later discovered to be the byproduct of an invader — the parasitic Candirú fish that is attracted to urine and swims up your urethra if you happen to pee in the South American river.Said fish later made an appearance on X-ray and at the operating table.

But what made most eyes bug out was the appearance (in what may be a first for prime time) of their patient's private parts, bouncing into the top of the frame like some sort of alien mutant. As you can see, staff (including Isaiah Washington) couldn't take their eyes off it.

Now that's McNasty...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Baby In The Bottle, Rub Me The Right Way

Sounds familliar? that was Xtina's hit back then in 1999. That was a long time ago, and the next time you hear this, you would be a mother two or even six. Monkeys, kidneys, name it. Dr. "A" got it all figured out. Yeahhh dream big, dickhead. Anatomy and Physiology II was something that I could relate to all this time, I think I have grown to love the course as the way it is. Playing with kidneys, doing the Bagel cut on it, it is a dream come true, seriously. Who would have thought that I would cut kidneys in 2007. Nobody! Not even in high skool.
As the semesters' coming to an end as so as my time in Plattsburgh, I feel like its just yesterday I came to this land of the Cardinals. Wasn't a big deal, well, the place was not the people I met here was definitely the cream of the crop! I'm sure gonna miss A&P class of 2006-07. It was one heck of the course, Dr. Amsterlaw, is so far the best prof. I could ever want for A&p...I'll be sure to take one pic with her when I get home, now that's a promise. For now its back to some kidney action and lame mnemonics to survive for finals, phewww...

Two Words: Creepy and Alive