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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pack and Fly or Rest then Pack and Fly?

Gawrsh, the anticipation of going over to NY is drivin' me nuts and I'm so buzy that even forgot to update the blog so here's one that O.Riginally stinks. With the finals in just a few days away and the flight of my life in a week. Bit-size tension is in the air, and growing every minute in Malaysia. Expectations are kinda low but confusing. Study is priority but getting ready is a lot of work. Even got major japs from Mr.doc of mine...and my arms hurts...ouch!

The last time I get a dilemma like that was back then, that is choosing the schools to apply to, then choosing schools to attend. Well the truth is, Plattsburgh was not my first choice coz it sucked big time but then again you can't go wrong with a partial scholarship offer, so I decided to go ahead with it instead of attending UAB or Nebraska. Ilove these schools, unfortunately financial reality sinks in. I'm so frustrated and I though all hope was lost but then again, at least I have another 2 years to complete a degree and maybe go to the schools I really want to go to. I'd even try flipping coins to determine which school would be "the one" and it turned out to be Plattsburgh.

Fortune favors the bold so I head for the Plattsburgh alternative but never in my darn head imagined that all will turn out to be a.O.K. It turns out that Plattsburgh had transfer affiliations with SUNY Binghamton, a top public school, and it's way better than an ordinary college. So, I'm really happy with the decision. I can go transfer to Bgm'ton in my Junior year. I'm gonna spend my last years as an undergrad in good old upstate Ny.

But getting ready to pack for the trip and the entire year @ NY is sick! I must admit, I'm a real loser in packing travel items, there are just too many items to bring and the 'regret' of not bringing the items you're suppose to bring but you don't have to, is such a pain in the ass, guys, anyone who live out country for studies, comments would help A LOT! Luggaes are's just too bad there are limits. Rite now, progress is on the way!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Bucaneers Score Big Time This Summer

Well, Capt. Sparrow and his crew of the Blck Pearl did it again becoming one of the top movies for this year (and this is fac
t) Arrrgghhh...look at that staggering amount of gross at the box office, a whopping USD$322 mil, still encounting. No other movie this year can beat these lads and it'll be a miracle if it ever happens. Anyway here's review on the film itse;f. I am a fantasy film freakazoid myself and LOTR of course is the masters of all fantasies, sadly their trilogy came to an end, but looks who's here to feed our hunger for the mystical world of fairy tales, its POTC and of course, Jack! Depp is just a beauty to watch, can't help laughing...hell yeah. So, last nite I went watch Dead Man Chest AGAIN, it's been how many times? Like 4 times I think? Bbbuttt,It's worth every penny because there are some good reasons, #1 the movie was long but a bit draggy, still you're paying a ticket for entry. #2 Jack is Back and Keira. darling....she's just so pretty to drool and Bloom, the Romeo of our century, fed-up of his presence actually and finally #3 Jack Sparrow's beard, did I tell you I have a fetish on his beardy, bushy facial hair, oops secret's out, but the make-up was just perfectly well done.

Now, what I don't like about the's draggy once again because it's all about the 'Don't trust others' theme and it took Bruckheimer an hour to spread the message but overall everything you want in a Blockbuster, Pirates serves it on a silver plank....if you dare to jump! Another thing that makes a bit dissapoinment was some scenes are not in the film. Yes people....F.Y.I; They deleted some parts! Click here to watch the trailer

Go watch the movie again and see the theatrical trailer and you'll find the weird stuff I'm talking about...It was in the trailer but it wasn't in the movie like: on the when cannibals was chasing Jack will says "where's Jack I can leave without him." Then he sees Jack running and he says "Never mind, lets go" but in the movie he says "Times up!". And when Jack was cheif he's suppose to ask one the natives "I see alot lot of women every where, but not much childrens, why is that", then the natives says "They've all been taken", well i found that on the and this too , well i kinda saw it on the secret of the pirates of the caribbean video.

Next scene, When they are on the beach with the 3 men fightin
g starting Jack says to Will "If you miss trust me, listen, you can miss trust him, trust me."So those parts were deleted from the movies, i'm not very happy that they didn't put that in. Still, Pirates still deserves my place in one of my fav fantasy must-see....I'm gonna watch it again and again till I get fucking tired of it! Yeah I'll do that...and I'm not wasting my money. (left Depp and Bloom enjoying a post-pirate retirement, POTC 3 due out next Summer featuring Chow Yun Fat, (left pic) a famous Cantonese HK Born actor playing some dastardly villain (his famous roles in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Anna and The King) ....whoa bet you didn't know huh, so here's the rumor. Imagine, an Asian pirate in the Carribean shores, I didn't know pirates can be so multietnical, bravo Hollywood!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Vol.3 Summer Rotation guarantees to heat the season up and hit it with a big bang of genres, we're now in July and there's no turning back, gotta keep movin' with the temp* and music is your summer ally, thanks to Arjan and my bud, Matt for this vol. selection, hard to choose, these are definitely going to be in my Zen. From the likes of the ever legends-Pet Shop Boys to billboard hotshots, great mix! Start dowloading it on iTunes or your P2P now:

1. "Fugitive" (Richard X Extended Mix) — Pet Shop Boys
From their latest album, this one scores big like the classics

2. "Walnut Tree" (Antoine Ibbesa ReMix) — Keane
Featured on last season's The O.C Soundtrack, this mix shows the true colors of summer romance that is forgotten, the keyboards are addictive and vocals are dramatic. Even though it's an old track, the fresh mix puts a new feel to it

3. "1983" (Eric Prydz Mix) — Paolo Mojo
Addictive beats that makes you go "what"? Prydz going psychotech with this one

4. "The Boys Of Summer" (DJ Sammy Club Mix) — The Ataris
The summer would not be complete with a track. with words that indulges your fantasies, no matter what theme you're thinking rocker boy, punky boy or the lifeguard...hehe. This track played most of the time in my home gym's RPM class, and it's played, you're on your way!

5. "A New Horizon" (Club Remix) — John Parr vs. Tommyknockers
A short and seductive track that brings you back to 80's glory, give it try pple

6. "Jump" — Madonna
You must wondering? Is this Madonna next single after "Get Together". Well the answer is yes and no because "Jump" is featured on The Devil Wears Prada soundtrack. Remixes released but I'd not heard a single one yet, and I did tell you the "Get Together" remixes sucked?

7. "SummerTime" — Miles Davis
Let the sax be your light of a jazzy summer evening, a great sunset tune to end the hot day

8. "Sensitivity" (Pete Heller's Phela Mix) — Shapeshifters
What an ear-candy that gives a boost of to your brains, gives you a fever, caution!

9. "Speechless" (King Unique Mix) — Mish Mash
Another track to tag along while you're in a shower, very sensual and feverish

10. "Within My Hands" — Boris
Fancy some International hottie singing contempo* opera,then Boris' the guy for you. With a catchy horn section and an empowering chorus, this breezy tune is perfect for a hot summer day. Hot collaborations with Blair Mackichan (Sugababes, Neneh Cherry) and Michael Garvin (Jennifer Lopez) creates a distinct music style in his new album out this summer. Arjanwrites has the details

11. "The Eraser" — Thom Yorke
A Low-key electronic pop of the highest order, perhaps comparable to Radiohead songs such as "Idioteque" or "The Gloaming," but really closer to Bjork's "Homogenic" album

12. "Silent Sea" — KT Tunstall
Tunstall is da bomb. Great vocals, soothing! Just what I need for the season on a boat alone

13. "He's A Pirate (DJ Tiesto Atlantic Mix) (Main Theme to the Pirates Of The Carribean)" — Hans Zimmer
Ahoy matey's....I looovee Jack Sparrow and Dead Man's Chest was just awesome, watch it a few times and get drunk even without RUM...arrggghh. This theme is mixed my none other than master Tiesto himself, whose also a big fan of the movie. It's pirates fever all this summer!

Am I endin' the summer volume of trax, not really sure but summers' still alive [source]

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Celebrate Asians In The Eye of American Media

The "Melting pot" once again host the ever popular 29th Asian American International Film Festival in NYC. The fest is a great way to portray asian americans in the film industry in a positive way, saying that we are active in the business and we're just as talented as other minorities as well. And so to join in the fever of Asian Films and unleash the 'wild dragon' in me, All this month I'll be analyzing on east asian films. I bought lots of International Asian Films, (in fakey piracy of course) and most of the films are directors from the east to the U.S born...=) all fakeys coz it's really expensive and hard to get here in KL. Lots of great films to catch up and aspiring directors to discover here are the three films I'd watched at my four-walled room filled with the air of total boredness:

After The Apocalypse: A Film shot in a bleak black & white photography, the film is a futuristic fable about coming back to life. Four men and one woman have survived a third World War. They have lost everything, their past lives and the use of their tongue. Now, they must give meaning to their "new world" and restore the basics of communication. A philosophic meditation of rare beauty and simplicity.Directed by Yasuaki Nakajima.

The Fast And The Furious Tokyo Drift: This distinctive, Japanese style of driving defines a new type of driver whose technique must blend effortlessly with daring speed, where control in the realm of no control is more important than crossing the finish line first.Directed by Justin Lin, an Asian American Director. I must say that T.F.F.3 is one of the best in the all 3 series and this one I'd watched it in the cinema because I only watch films on fakies when they are not available on screen.

I'm beginning to immerse myself in Korean films which has quite a distinctive voice in the public eye in the present. It's amazing to see that Korean films have grown maturely and more creative in story and the way it is written, there's a provocative quality compared to its western counterparts. So here's two films which stand out, and gave me a new view about Korean films.

TYPHOON:A treacherous scheme is being carried out that will result in the death of millions across the Korean Peninsula.It's action packed and it makes your brains do the thinking...more like those HK Mafia films.
The King And The Clown: Was a big hit in The Korean Film Industry back in 2005 arrives worldwide and in the states as well. Now this one, I watched it on a fakey and piracy version of course sucked::bad quality,the film was not shown in M'sia just like Brokeback Mtn. This film is kind of like the Asian version of Brokeback but with a little twist. Love the way Korean and partially American Director, Lee Joon Ik directed the film. One thing that stand out is the portrayal of how forbidden love can affect humankind and it makes society view sexual orientation and gender equality and as always an emotionally intense movie to watch like Korean and Japanese Films. It hits your gut!

Don't think I can make it for the film fest but it's in August and it's close to day I depart...but at least I get to see some of the films this week and beyond. But I'm gonna miss my fav actress, Sandra Oh, love her role in ABC's Hit series Grey's Anatomy. Click here to listen to Sandra on what she has to say on her career and Asian American in the Media these days.
The festival website is live and tickets are now on sale! Visit for a complete lineup of programs, panels, and events; order tickets, find out about our competitive categories; check venue locations and mark your calendars for 12 days of Asian/Asian American finest cinematic achievements!Selected screenings of the above films I'd watched will be taking place on August 3-6 at Stony Brook University’s Charles B. Wang Center.Visit Stony Brook University!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Get a Tan, Dance With a Fan and Columbia Rules!

Sunday - July 16: Columbia Answers!

Titan of Great American Skools arrives, not really. Alumnis, current students and reps from the skools meet together @ the Sunway Convention Centre for this one time event. Though, I'm quite dissapointed with the reps presence. They did not show up, so there weren't much information obtained but manage to talk about the alumni's experiences. My school did not showed up because yeah it is "not-your-famous" school I guess. That's o.k!

43 out of the 47 schooles turned for the event manage to get lots of goodies from brochures to pencils and even a mini football, yay! (not a soccerball) Ivy League schools, of course, were the stars of the show. Dartmouth college was the only one that didn't make its way to KL. Others were great and as always, the Harvard booth was like a place selling popcorn, although they didn't! Just don't get the point, I mean it's just a school with a famous name, some even stayed for hours at that booth talking to the alumnis there. I bet they get bored of the same questions and people, lolz!

There were some pretty weird things happening while I was there, the building (floor) rumbles and shake,I thought it's one of those earthquake moments, seems to be the construction of Pyramid 2 next to us. Second thing is, this "Kiasu Girl" I met at the fair, really "kiasu'...asking for my 'free-bag' whether she can have it even though I' carrying it...ahhh and all that stuff, please stop the 'kiasuness', just don't be so obvious even if you want to be kiasu person and finally, I came face to face with my student visa inspector I met at the US Embassy, she's really nice, didn't expect she would come to a social event like that!

Ah yes... the Master of all skools in the entire world, Harvard in its Crimson Glory, their brochures are "selling" like hot-cakes, the stall packed with parents, droolers and dreamers.

Eh, why the t-shirt come off izzit? I must say that Columbia's booth looks a bit dull dont'cha think. C'mon Columbia...where's your shine! I got there and most of the alumnis I talked to were engineers...great! They don't know anything about Nursing. Duh! I'm coming to Columbia baby!

Here's Cornell...Columbia's so called cousin because they're in NY together and they research together!

Then there Harvard's all time arch rival: Yale

Stanford is NOT, I repeat is NOT in the League

And Nebraska too...hey, did you see Tommy Lee's show on Channel [V]?, awesome!

.....Cal State, met this hot chick there, forgot her number arrgghhh!

The Opening cermony...boring! yada..yada..yada! Boing! second family in college: The INTI-AUP pple and frenz! Gonna mizz them much!

...And finally the goodies! I didn't know people are into collecting brochures, especially Malaysians, let's just hope that there enough for everyone who came to the fair. Total madness, I mange to collect the ones from the league schools and some Nursing info: Graduate studies. That's all I could think about!

Saturday - July 15: Dance till the Cows Come Home

Bon Odori in Shah Alam was not really the "real thing". Compared to the one I went to in Penang, Shah Alam's Matsushita venue was way smaller and it didn't have those fireworks which I'm longing for to see.At least I have my final one before I'm back to FL , there's not gonna be one unless I'm at San Fran or Hawaii. Anyway, I had a great time with my high school friends and mange to get some shots at the scene of the crime.

Niko Niko Kitchen offered a wide varieties of japanese foods like onigiri, korokke, ikayaki, yakisoba, hiyashi udon and so on~

...Sushi King too (the not so Japanese Authentic restauraunt...boooo)

Galz in bright color yukata having their shaved ice :) I didn't get the chance to grab as hved ice though coz the queue was fucking long and the dance is about to start!

....Dancing time pple! It's the cream of the crop!

(p.s--There's gonna be more pics from my frenz, I got truble xchanging the photos and stuff, will upload it soon!)

Thursday And Friday- July 13 and 14: The Not-So Eagle Island

Kedah-Langkawi was a great place to go for a weekend and I took some photos....I was awaya from Internet access, so can't really write blogs at that period of time but anyway lots of things happened from Thursday to Sunday. Went to Langkawi for two days, Bon Odori with me High skool friends on Saturday and Experiences Fair yesterday.I'm totally exhausted but fun is the word for this entire weekend.

(top to btm) Me tan @ poolside, Motels and Chalets are cool and comfy on a hot afternoon, Cabanas are just luxuriously furnished pillows and drappings, had my burger and fries lunch there.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

What's With Gyms These Days?

Hey, all you gym freaks, no maybe You are but I'm turning into one. All of a sudden, It's kind of like my routine, sometimes I feel sick going there but then again after that scrumptious dinner at's a lifesaver! So what is so fascinating about going to the gym, well to me the reason is I burn off the stuff I eat evryday and I feel great about it, I could just eat anything but wait a minute isn't unfair. I mean we eat the stuff we like we have to earn not just but paying for it but you gotta lose it at the end by losing it you gotta work hard losing it....does even make sense, wish it does. That's how we humans live our lives we enjoy, we pay the price. Sick! Spending a day at the gym is sometimes refreshing but I get tired watching the TV there, lots of crap especially if you're in Malaysia. The one I'm going now, FF in Summit, I get a bit bored going there, but I love the RPM classes though. Now, what about weight trainning, yes I had a pledge to myself that I'm working my body, building muscle and toning up. Finally, inspired to get the model bodies on the mags. Today, I feel like I'm fucked with the weights I'm carrying...they are pretty light, embarassed actually, but hey you gotta build and go slow with it. At least I'm trying out. Pretty hard though. Still gotta watch what I eat. "The body is my temple" I forgot who quoted that, neat! Lots of stuff to learn when you wanna have a body to kill, thinking about protein and all those supplements and lifting positions and reps, all that shit.

Since I'm going to the U.S soon and stuff, I might continue weight training there but it's gonna be like a competition, guys there lift triple the weights asian guys here lift. I feel disgusted but its all the genes, huh? Kay, I'm really psyche about tomorrow because I'm meeting up gurlfriend from Wisconsin and not ur average gurl( trust me on this), just a really good friend of mine. And guess what, a try-out at California Fitness. Heard lots of great stuff about the place, too bad I'm not here for long. Nooo...god I just ate a bar of choc...well guys it's back to the gym for now.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ivy League Freaks You're in Luck!

So, what is this event abut anyway, well my friends tell me to spread the word about this one time evnt happening soon in July. It's a great event to attend especially if you're thinking of going to U.S to further your study, you wouldn't wanna miss this. I myself of course plan to head for a Columbia Education, because it's a good school.

So, Ivy League freaks, do come to this event yeah!
Basically, this education fair is unique from other education fairs, in the sense that the exhibitors are fellow Malaysians who have been accepted into all these top universities in US, as well as studied there, and some haveeven graduated from there. These bunch of people are the best people to ask advice on how to getting into such institution. As of now, 47 top tier universities, including Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, Columbia, MIT, University of Pennsylvania etc have confirmed their participation.

For full details, please check out at .
Please help to spread the words around. See you on 16th July at Sunway Pyramid Convention Center.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Pass Me the Baguette Please

Les Bleus and Italia: all great things come to an end tonite and I'm celebrating it at Cabana. Wanted to go to Mont' Kiara though but I'm spending a lot these days so watching it somewhere around Subang will be worth it. So who do you think will take home the Cup De Monde? My friends are going with the pasta freaks and me, the roosters of course.It wasn’t the prettiest game in the world cup as you can their records are not that stable but Les Bleus got the job done without any of the main players picking up a ban for the final, now they can really go for it and send Zidane out on the highestofhigh

The two have met four times in the World Cup before, Italy won in 1938 and 1978 and France knocked Italy out of the second round in 1986 and the quarterfinal in 1998. Add to that the final of Euro 2000 and Italy might have revenge high among their motivating factors.They’ll be wearing their Azzurri blue as the home team in Berlin and France will be in their ‘lucky’ white strip so both team’s are happy with what their wearing. But I'm not....I still prefer French with their blue top because it's France we're talking about the last time they won it back in 98, it was blue.And guess whose not showing up this time, Benedict the French Rooster was ban a few days ago because Animal Rights Activist complained to FIFA about letting the chicken into the stadium to become their mascot. It's thought to be a lucky charm for the team, so its a no rooster show this time for the French.Apparently, French asses are showing up for the tournament, what the fuck?

I'm Counting down the finale, can't wait for Shakira to shake those hips....yeah lie to me baby with your hips. And of course passing of the baton to South Africa, the future host for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.Au Revoir to WC fever for now...not nowlah! I mean tomorrow,lolz!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Getting Jiggy With Some Research on Art Pieces

Yesterday nite, was like just any other night. Ass on the chair, radio's on and sketches drawn. I spend most of my time reading but of course, there assignments to be done. Like the one I had just last week. Tomorrow's the deadline, and right now I'm just working on it. Thanks to the "mr.Lazy" here, typing this blog. This assignment was harder than I thought, filled with crappy details but then again its quite refreshing. Title of the assignment: Islamic Art: Is Modernization Possible? .This is a random topic I got from my lecturer, and at first was like what the fuck was that all about? I know little about the art of Islam maybe because of the exposure I get school. Back then, it was modern and traditional art all the way. What I found out about Islamic art is just exotically weird yet fascinating. I got a inspired as always after reviewing some pieces on the net
  • Islamic art seeks to portray the meaning and essence of things, rather than just their physical form
  • Painting and sculpture are not thought of as the noblest forms of art
  • Calligraphy is a major art-form
  • Geometry and patterns are important
  • People do not appear in specifically religious art
So Islamic art focuses on the spiritual representation of objects and beings, and not their physical qualities.The art I'm talking about can be fused with today's modern gothic revival style, which is what I'm trying to figure out un my assignment. But is it against the nature of Islam with its exquisite deep cuts and meaning. It's a debate on my paper alrite.

So, I was there sitting at my f
av desk of my entire life...well I assume there's gotta be better ones but a simple one will do. Here, you would think its pretty those designer desk when their in progress...and mine's pretty like those, except I love stacking stuff, messy is sometimes fun, gotta let loose and break the rules a little. After all that hardwork, cleaning up the fuckin' desk was also fun, because I just can't stand it when the top is messy and I'm not doing anything.

[pic source from Gardner's]
And, Kahlo's works is not to be forgotten, manage to drill thru a few websites on herself, I call it a tribute, since its her b'day few days ago. Another friend of mine, an artist like me is just eccentrically crazy about her but then again who would not love a provoking artist like Frida. Sharanya's Blog, she did a fantabulous article tribute on Kahlo, so go check it out>.

Talking about
it, I even watched the film played by Salma Hayek...two times I think on her b'day. So, there you go that's my tribute, simple but meaningful.

Art assignments like these are a lot work but they're pretty interesting and I don't mind working another especially if it's post-modern which I get to do my fav artist of all, Warhol: The Master of all masters!


Friday, July 07, 2006

Timberlake = A Barebacking Single

Yes, kay I knoe...enuff with the entertainment stuff! I promise I'll be bck with a much more personal one tomorrow... workin' on it!~ But who can't resist grooves from JT himself, hopefully this one will do just as fine as his freshman album. This sophomore record is something different, not what you expect in his first attempts. Arjan has the latest on he feels about JT's new vibes! Visit JT's website for the latest updates!


My Sisters And Me

"My sisters and Me, my sisters and me..." that's one of the few lyrical words from Madonna's next latest single "Jump", after Get Together, this is featured in the The Devil Wears Prada movie soundtrack. Eh, I go and talk about Madonna pulak, the memory still lingers in my fucking head...o.k, nvm me after all that totally crazy experience at Mambo Jambo that wed. night, what I mean is here's a list of lnks that might make you go hhuuhh? And what the hell is going on!
  • Key Trauma for Lohan
  • Hide and Go seek for the Cruises
  • Scissors Sisters opens their own University (yeah rite)
  • Trump Let out some Tears
  • Yo Ho Yo ho, the Pirates Life For you (Not associated with the opening of The Dead Man's Chest)
  • Zidane: A Nightmare of the The Portugese Tarts of Europ
I know its been to tabloid for me and you but I gotta let loose a little...I was thinking about revolutioniZing my own blog...yes...this is the last you're gonna hear entertainment crap from me, kinda sick with all this junks, dont'cha think. For starters, I'll be writing something more, provoking, personal stances, "deep" and "things you don't want to know about my life", expect the unexpected,'ll be so much fun. But....... wait isn't that gonna be too exposed to the public eye, hell yeah! Gotta think...think ! Think of a way to make it subtle.

[source & bi-source]

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Kobayashi Defends His Title

A whopping new Dog eating record: 53.75 Nathans Hot Dogs in 12 minutes on American's B'day! "The Rookie" was not far behind. IFOCE has the details of yesterdays Coney Island Battle. This is his sixth straight world champ title for wiener world.


Ciao Italia

I'd never imagined an Italian Final in this competition, all I thought was Germany, Germany, Deusthland, but hey, again this is football, so anythings' possible. Match last night was aquite a bummer for eyes closed when it went into 2nd half but I was awake when a.e.t was on the way. Didn't go "mamak" this time because too lazy to get out of the house. I've been out for quite sometime these days for the WC. It's been becoming a habit and unusual sleeping patterns are actually showing. Take for example: I slept 10 am in the morning once while I was having breakfast and the one @ noon, but I thik itwas just a short nap. But I'm not a nappy pillow person during the day, but this is weird. Guess football is just one crazy game, sacrifice must be done.So, what about Italia....ok my predictions were fuckin' wrong...haha, Germany losing it in the last minutes is like 90 minute disaster game. I dunno...its just, I don't feel quite right about it. Italia are not really peeps fav to win the cup, thanks to the little publicity they had this year. But, at least they've picked up their form like the French. I'm going for the French because I think, they're gonna go all the way. For Italians, "Au Revoir",as for the French, "Bellisimo"


Monday, July 03, 2006

The BlackWidow Can Win This

OoooKaaay...I'm going food crazy this whole summer, can't wait while I'm there to savor these fab food. I have a good feeling that Sonya Thomas (a.k.a BlackWidow) is gonna win this year and becomes Nathan's new champ...seriously! Take a look at this pic, see how passionate and calm she swallow that hot buffalo wing?

She's hot, as in like the summer and all thatand like those wings she's eating. Good record she's got there, now lets see...this 37 year old Korean American lady from Alexandria, VA tried everything on the American buffet, and teach those big bulgy guys a lesson or two. Many Americans remain hopeful that Sonya will fulfil the prophesy and beat Kobayashi -- but can she do it? Is she the one? Grrrll power, Sonya!
  • Armour Vienna Sausage: 8.31 pounds Armour Vienna Sausage /Lowe's Motor Speedway Charlotte / 10 Minutes/ May 28, 2005
  • Baked Beans, Long Course: 8.4 Pounds Baked Beans/ 84 Lumber / 2 minutes 47 seconds/ Aug. 7, 2004
  • Cheesecake: 11 pounds Downtown Atlantic Cheesecake / 9 minutes/ Sept. 26, 2005
  • Chicken Nuggets: 80 Chicken Nuggets / 5 Minute
  • Chicken Wings, National Buffalo Wing Festival: 161 chicken wings, 5.09 lbs / 12 minutes/ Sept. 5, 2004
  • Fruitcake: 4 pounds, 14 1/4 ounces Wegmans Fruitcake / 10 minutes/ Dec. 30, 2003
  • Hamburger: Big Daddy Burger: 9 pound cheeseburger/ Plaza Hotel Casino / 27 minutes, 0 seconds/ Jan. 21, 2006
  • Maine Lobster/ Kennebunk: 44 Maine Lobsters (11.3 Pounds of meat) from the shell / 12 minutes/ Aug. 13, 2005
  • Meatballs: 10 pounds, 3 Ounces Meatballs/ Carmine's Restaurant at Tropicana Hotel Casino / 12 minutes/ Dec. 3, 2005
  • Oysters: 46 Dozen Acme Oysters/ Acme Oyster House / 10 Minutes/ Mar. 20, 2005
That's hell of a long list of food...I got it from the IFOCE ! To watch the latest promo video by the International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE) which features the likes of Kobayashi, Eater X, Sonya and etc, click here!

Good Luck Sonya, you'll need it!


Munch-Away with A Birthday

America celebrates its B'day this summer with eating extravaganzas. And taliking about dogs, munching 50 hot-dogs in a 12 minute time frame is exhilarating and at the same time, sick! I tried out a 15 hot-dog all you can eat test and it took me about 18 minutes to consume 13 and a half of it.But if I would to eat the dogs, I need to do it the "L.A Style" just like the ones I had in Pink's, California.Lots of onions, pickles, sauerkraut, hot mustard, jack cheese, sesame and nachos, but NO KETCHUP PLEASE: dogs don't go well with tomatoes, it'll ruin the taste.

The one I had was the Harry Potter special and it's fuckin' delicious, the best dog ever I had in my goddamn life. Ooohh..I could just taste the hot sizzling dogs of summer now...arghh. Don't worry
my little puppies, I'm coming to get ya soon...real soon.

(top) Sonya Thomas a.k.a BlackWidow (reigning world champ for eating Maine lobsters), left came in second place after downing 39 hot dogs last year, revenge is definite, Koba "Doggie" Boy and Eric "Badlands" Booker is on the right. All eaters are a member of the Int'l Federation of Competitive Eating

Only doggy wackos can swapped the dogs within minutes and their doing it when America's B'day comes 2moro evry year. The world champ of Doggy eatin' Takeru Kobayashi is gonna defend his title once again tomorrow at Coney Island, NY and Joey Chestnut, of San Jose, California (who just recently, in June 06, ate 50 hotdogs in 12 mins) would be a match for Mr. Koba. Watch out! Nathan's Dog-Eating contest is equivalent to the wrld championship of fast food, particularly hot dogs, if didn't ya participate in this competition, you can't be crowned the world champ, peeps.

(right) Joey Chestnut is the ultimate competitor for Mr.Koba in 2moro's Doggie match!

But what about ot
her eating contests, America is going full blast this summer with HER very own specialties from Apple Pies to Pickles and Burger Bonkers, you name it. I gotta make a promise that I'll stop by Pink's and Nathan's and that's a must!

And, what's Bush, Koizumi, and the Presleys have anything to do with America's Summer eating fiesco? They're working on a new recipe for this year's steak-licious summer White House Menu, it's called The Wild Texas Kobe Steak served with Graceland Wasabe and 100% Japanese Prime Beef, it's pure fusion and the beef reared in Bush's Bloody old Texas Ranch!

P/S I was just kidding with that ass licking good dish, it was something, eh? Nthless, the pic is one weird one as politicians and Presleys seldom come together for "stuff", if ya knoe what I mean...

(top) Koizumi ( current Japanese PM), a die hard fan of Elvis asked Bush to take him to Graceland just to see the Presley's for the summer, isn't that just fascinating? He'd got star strucked!