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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Singapore...Are You Dreaming Ah?

Singapore Dreaming is a poignant, yet darkly humorous story about a typical Singaporean family coming to grips with their aspirations (extracted from 19th Singapore International Film Festival website). The film was the first ever Singapore Foreign Film to win an International Film Award @ the San Sebastian International Film Festival held recently. In this movie, each member of the family struggles in climbing to reach their seemingly impossible dreams, which mostly revolve around the practicalities of life. Although this short film is released in the world premiere screening at San Sebastian weeks ago...this is definitely a must watch film for the current asian society. This film sumps up evrything that's happening not only in Singapore but our asian neighbors as well...the teasers were just amazing, because the words and characters just hits you. Undoubtedly, this movie is close to reality of people living their lifes out and forget who themselves really are. It's a reflection, and for me, look back at my past and my review my current aspirations.

Hmmm...I'll try to catch it if I get an online version but the trailer of the film can be viewed by clicking here. In a nutshell, this shows that asian short films are actually maturing and I'm just glad that it is...Read the full article from to get the dips!


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Cooking on Friday the 13th is Badddddd.......

Well, it was like every other normal day in Plattsburgh, but of course its TGIF and we' really want to let ourselves go after a week of class. A cook-out was the best way to sum up the week and what better way to enjoy and start the weekend with a Japanese feast, prepared by our favorite chef, Ayako. She's cooked the pop^ Oyako Don and some miso to with, mmm..and they even sound the same? It was really late though and we even manage to slam in a movie at the end.Since its Friday the 13th, and its oh-so-spooky day, we decided to watch Ju-On, the gurls are screaming and the boyz just laughing at the gals, boy did we enjoyed it. And some sparks just came thru between ahem and ahem and let's just say, country gal meets city boy. Let's do it again shall we! Come to me facebook and see what I mean...

Caught @ Price Chopper

Gabrielle I can see you, I see rocked when we shopped! I wanna go shop again, please oh please...

What's Cooking in Me Room?

Nothing much really, the past couple of days has been boring really especially with exams coming to get us again and this time is no laughing matter. Those fucking exams just wouln't quit coming up but hopefully this weekend will change everything, so what's actually happening in NY. Rumors said that winter is coming early and hell yeah...Buffalo's snowing already and campus looks pretty dead, what do you expect. It's freaking cold outside. T.G.I.F! Ryoyu, Makoto and Harumi are my new posers this week..haha

Monday, October 09, 2006

You Might Be a Chocoholic If ...

Are you a chocoholic? We had this crazy discussion about chocolate with my friends the other day and if I have the opportunity, would it be great if there's a 'chocolate club' here, that wouldn't happen unfortunately and I miss city chocolate much! Godiva chocs my friend bought me from Burlington just make my day. Starting to miss the choc' buffet and the Chocolate Mall in Orlando, FL I always go to back home, that's so amazing!I crave for those recipes on Food Network whenever I see them doing something chocolatie.There's even the Chocolatier Magazine to satisfy the wild senses of all things chocolate and forget Dove's Recipes, ouch that's gotta make u drool. And if I can't get enough of chocolate, I'll make sure I visit The Field Museum's Chocolate Tour. After closing at The Field Museum, Chocolate has embarked on a nationwide tour, bringing the scientific and cultural story of this luscious treat to 10 communities throughout the United States.On September 16, 2006 – January 7, 2007, the Chocolate Exhibition is now on at the New York State Museum in Albany, NY. Definitely a must see...

For you vanilla fans, get outta here! And if you just don't know whether you fell in madly crazy in love with chocolate, ask yourself these questions to help find out.In definition, a chocoholic is a person who has or claims to have an addiction to chocolate, so you are chocophilic...

• If you have more than 2 secret stashes of chocolate candy, you might be a chocoholic. (Be honest.)
• If your top 3 favorite candies all have chocolate in them, you might be a chocoholic
• If you have more than 4 books at home on chocolate, you might be a chocoholic.
• If your favorite dessert is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate ice-cream on the side, then you might be a chocoholic.
• If you name chocolate as one of the seven wonders of the world, you might be a chocoholic.
• If you bookmark more than 2 websites on the health benefits of chocolate, then you might be a chocoholic.
• If your favorite movie is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you might be a chocoholic.
• If you own more than one chocolate-related T-Shirt, you might be a chocoholic. (If you actually wear that chocolate T-Shirt in public, just admit it. You are a chocoholic.)
• If you name your first-born child after your favorite chocolate candy - then you are a definite, full fledged chocoholic.
• If you are a chocoholic, there you may want to try one of two possible cures:

CURE #1: Chocolate Overdose
In several cases a chocolate overdose will effectively kill your chocolate bug for a period of time. At some point, too much chocolate in a given month will cure your addiction - for at least a week. Your personal chocolate overdose limit will depend on your level of addiction.

CURE #2: Chocolate Substitution
Chocolate substitution is another option, if the chocolate overdose doesn't work. It involves starving your chocolate bug by offering it wholesome candy substitutes. The concept is that your body will gradually forget its craving for chocolate.

If one of these cures doesn't work, well, at least you would enjoy the attempt . . .haha, don't go overboard with chocolate...

From your long time chocoholic...Mikey

Sunday, October 08, 2006

We Are Family!

The PICL meet was one of the best I had so far! The food was good, people were so nice and we had fun talking all the way. Gabrielle & Bob and their kids were great, And yeah I did eat lot and yes, I admit I'm a chocoholic whose into bad habits, hehe! Natalie and Ayako was also there and we had a blast. It's just too bad Yasko and Saatchi didn't make it. I'll make sure we'll meet altogether again. I can't wait for our shopping together on Monday. I seriously need a coat for the freakin' winter. For more pics on PICL, visit me facebook...1st day of columbus day is actually the best so far I ever had here, more to come!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Columbus Awaits...

Finally, a break of 4 days, and I'm filled up for the week. Friday is one of the best days here in Plattsburgh, everyone starts loosening up, waiting for the weekends to come by and just chill. Here are some pics on the foliages around campus. Now what are the things I plan to do in this breezy 'autumnastic' season, well not much but I would love to head over to Burlington and the parks here, Gabrielle, my host "mom". She is so nice! Love her, love her....she is taking us places, yeah and I'm definitely not gonna miss out on that. And, the shopping for the winter? I gotta go stock up some in my warbrobe, it's fucking cold rite now, my bones are shaking like there's no tomorrow. I would love to go shop this weekend and that's what I'll do! Here's a list of things to do before Fall fades away, I must do this, I have to:

(top to btm, last glimpse of the sun before Columbus rises, and my "backyard, great view!)

1.Go get some nifty and stylish winter coat, TJ Maxx's an option and some other place

2.Go to a pumpkin patch nearby and carve a pumpkin with Kinnon and peeps

3.Try out some Fall recipes and cooking at Gabrielle's house
4. Help with her move out up north

5. Go see this natural hot spot that she's talking about!

6. Pictures, pictures and more pictures uploads

7. Thanksgiving feast, cant miss that out!
8.Maybe wear something during halloween...i don't know what the hell I'm gonna be?
9. Maintain constancy with whats going on in class & nail the anatomy stuff, its a pain in the ass!
10.Finally, mingle with more nursing peeps, I don't see any, where are u guys?

~*Columbus day rocks!*~

Friday, October 06, 2006

Did I Love the Sheep Brains?

Of Course I Anatomy Lab we dissected brains and eyeballs of a sheep. That was awesome and disgusting but I loved it! Should have taken more pics though but my hands were all ooey stinked!

More anatomy adventures to come!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Falling in for the Fall makes you feel like a leaf, changing your color, your pure sense of the summer edging away, as I'm counting down the days to make the way for the whites that sends spine chilling temperature down to your gut, steadynow. Inspired and still extravagant, for the Fall season makes the summer the thing of the past, it grabs you. Shame and sobre is likely to awake as people say the FALL is the rebirth of everything in a year, it is "truly the new beginning" outshining spring. With solitude and rhythms of foliage, music calls for a more slowbeat but meaningful moments of oneself....checkout my my Fall rotations, what you need till the last leaf of the fall falls on you (check out iTunes, Amazon and Ares for these foliage beats) :

1. "From This Moment On" - Diana Krall
Sensitive, Slow and sensual, just what you need!

2. "For Reasons Unknown" - The Killers
They killed my past and heal my wounds, upbeat but strikes you gently

3. "Chasing Cars [Acoustic]" - Snow Patrol
Just like it because it's in Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack and most of the songs on the album reflect what the show is all about. Need I say more?

4. "Universe & U" - KT Tunstall
Another Tunstall favorite, another Grey's Anatomy Soundbite and another twist of nothingness, great song to ponder!

5. "Holiday From Real" & " I' Ready" - Jack's Mannequin
Great Piano and Rock combo, catchy lyrics, I can sing thru the rain for this. Just rain on me and I'll play it

6. "Romance In F-Sharp Major, Op. 28, No. 2" - Schumann
One word: Peace

7. "The Seasons, for piano, Op. 37 Autumn Song (October)" - Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky with John O'Conor
I especially love Mr. O'Conor's interpretation of "Duetto" from Mendelssohn's Song Without Words and "Warum?" and "Romance in F-sharp" by Schumann. Any music lover will enjoy this gorgeous rendition pieces. Tchaikovsky rules in the Fall!

8. "The Only One" - Evanescence
A spiritual piece that enravels horrid relatioships of ones past. It's the fall so get over it with this song.

For song #9, #10 and #11: I'm going for retro-international hits here...

9. "Arigatou (Fall Entourage)" - Sammi Cheng
Cantonese and japanese fusion of thanks since Thanksgiving approaches, why not!

10. "Dia De Enero" - Shakira
From her Fijacion Oral Vol.I, this song brings you in a trance like state of wonders, I love it and I hate it...

11. "Sakura Drops" - Utada Hikaru
Then last sakura drops and I'm done with the summer love!

More to come...=)


Feels Like Home but missing something...

It's been like a month since I came here and like everyone else missing everything in Malaysia. Schools here pretty tough and for the first time I'm on my own, not that I've not done it before, but seriously, this is so different from back home, new people and challenges to face...
FALL is officially here and its really beautiful to see the foliage and the change of weather makes you nison with nature, you change with the seasons. I miss the sun but I have to experience all the seasons myself. If you want to have alook at my life here so far in NY, feel free to check out all of my photo albums and my accounts in Friendster, Windows MSN Live Space and MySpace .com

I'll try my best to keep up with what I'm going through here and talk about it! Here's my websites YOU can play around with and comments please, I need some interaction here, it gets bored so just slam anything on my screen, replies guaranteed! Visit Photos at MySpace, FlickR, MSN Live Space, Friendster, Facebook and of course my blog at Blogspot! Plattsburgh Boi out!

*keep coming in pple!

Rebirth @ Plttsburgh, Good Idea: Dead Blog, Not Good

Holla people I'm back in the Blogging business once was a one month hiatus I just feel so bad and detached form the world of internet. Kill me now, I deserve it...and well I feel I wanna knock my head against the wall, well I'm welcome to but then again, nobody would write the blog right. SilLy me! Oh well, Plattsburgh been a good place, well in some ways but I think everything here is fine. Tests was freaking hard but I got through it, lots to go thru until winter breaks in. I miss Florida, my friend the sun is just what I need. Lina, my sis is moving to Daytona Beach, FL, They actually moved a few days ago, so no Orlando for me I guess when I go back there... If you're still following my blog, please do so because its the only way I can communicate my thoughts to th e people of the world haha! Still I'm happy that I could write a blog here....this is my forst blog in U.S yay! (above, Lina's house: they've moved and I dont know where the hell they're gonna be at! No idea)

Tomorrow, is A & P Day ( that's shorts for Anatomy and Physiology Course)and lab is gonna be fun and that's what I'm going to document about in my coming blog...gosh I have so much to write and this is fucking overwhelming. I'll try to keep with the pace. Until then, adioz for my blog now!