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Friday, June 30, 2006

Football Is Going Vintage Now!

(top) Both teams met twice in the FINALS but
Riquelme and Ballack have not and its gonna be a fierce one

Who could ever believe that the "Giant 6": English, Argents,Germans, Brasil, Italians, French, the fathers of all world cup champs meet in the K.O stages...just brilliant and today, my team the 'Sunny Boys" = Argentina will meet the Gruesome's gonna be a nail-biting , thumb sucking, aa=plunging game, haha! Kick-off is just hours away, and Friday nite, baby! It's party time. About this CLASSIC match, the home team still has the greatest advantage in this tournament. Reading S.I article about the match is a great warmup to this match of the tournament...It's just a classic!

p/s I bet ya know so win lar por favor!


Thursday, June 29, 2006

Maddy's Night @ Mambo Jambo Zouk

Hey there pple who see my blog...frenz and strangers alike...anyone interested going for Maddy's night @ Zouk it's happpening nxt Wednesday at 9pm and I was hoping the new friends I have at Axcest would join in...and get together for the first time. Anyone interested, just drop me an e-mail on Axcest/Friendster or just put a comment here on my blog to confirm!

I think this event would be a great way to meet each other and be a part of a community of new buddies, at least I know you're into Maddy's Classics and her stuff...Kudoz to Zouk for giving Maddy fans some fun on the start confessing now by clicking here....

The Countdown For Spidey's Return Begins

I'm an avid fan of marvel comics and I still keep those Marvel Trading Cards and a few key comics/editions I have 10 years ago,now just looking at it just takes your breath away. However, nothing is better that a great movie with everything you can imagine on-screen, Sam Raimi did a "marvel"lous job in adapting the Spiderman series on screen. Kudoz! So, as you know.....Sony Columbia Pics. plan to do a "6 episodic series" on screen for Spiderman because of its success and support from fans. Spiderman 3 is beginning to take its shape and our anticipation grows day by day for the release. Just yesterday, Sony released its teaser trailer for "3", the third installment for Spiderman...yay!

I know you guys are in Superman Hype mode, but please don't forget that Mr. Spidey is always around your neighborhood. So, the returning
Superman would just have to bow to the power of Spidey's sophistication of humans, he's a more establish character these days...because Spidey's always around when you need him and Superman just flies around, and gets lost for a period of time.

Where the hell are ya, Superman? I know you've watched Superman already in cinemas but the problem is, because he's not on planet earth the whole time, people tend to forget this fallen hero, kay enough with the Superman thingy. In "3", Parker boy will face 3 ultimate villains from Stan Lee's key comic editions, "3" features Venom, Sandman, revenge of the green goblin a.k.a Hob-Goblin. I thought they wer gonna put Shadowcat in there but I assume It's gonna be in Spiderman 4. Check out this website for the vicious villains details, click here

(top to bottom: Venom-played by the That 70's show star, Topher Grace, Thomas Haden Church plays The Sandman and James Franco replay his role as Parker best friend and foe, the HobGoblin...great cast here!

Let us go crazy once again for the man with the tight spidey suit again,here' are few of the screencaps from the trailer lined up for the countdown
(Click on the top left to see the whole thing, for a larger view)

You gotta watch the teaser here, because its just awesome!You'll have to wait for the theatrical trailer coming in September-October, Spidey, spring your sexy web on us, hehe!

(left :-A Remake of the HobGoblin- a shade of bronze, and metallic brown signify the return of the goblin with a dark avenging motive Bottom: The Venom awakes!)


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

An Owen Warning Means...

A Striker Gotta Do what a Striker gotta do!, when you're outta there said Mirror UK. They've interviwed Owen, have a look at it. If you're injured, critics wouls come along way and just recently, before he depated from Germany bck to England, a warning is just beginning of England's unsatisfying plays in this WC. As I've said, England's matches are the ones not similar to the games in qualifying matches. I'm totally lost and disconnected. It was always "we've done our job" said Barfing Beck, but hey, I don't think their job is done so far in the tournament. C'mon, and listen to Owen for crying out loud! Again, Mikey boy can't play for his side for this one.
It's just so unfair...For now, LION or LISBON, that's the


Get Inspired Or St.A-R-T Strucked

Want to start drooling for masterpieces like I did months ago. The good thing is, I don't have to visit art galleries nowadays, but even if I visit, Malaysia just isn't "artist friendly" or "an art-people paradise" if you know what I mean. Unlike in NY, ART is a lifestyle, breath and feed our life with art. It's just too pretty there, so just to keep me posted with what is happening in the Art scene, I go visit art blogs. If you're an art enthusiast like myself, Thirst for that sensation to be inspired or just make critical comments on pieces, I recommend a few online galleries for yours and my pleasure:

2. Rafael Perez Mix and Match Gallery - if you love erotic art
3.Thinking About Art - advanced artist in the complex world of art
4. Absolutearts - This site has a personal touch
5. DeviantArt - It's just smooth!
6. Blog-Art - For a French flair on art

You'll be hearing about it in days to come...and my personal art gallery, I'll upload it real soon, just vey lazylar now! I'm trying to work-on a few and finish by June. It's not routine but I'll try adding some personal style to it, but I I got inspired with Warhol's work and of course Peter Balmain and Rafael Perez. Just brilliant! Problem is, no canvas at my homeleh, but this one piece is going to be just like my own themed-package.

Those Were The Good Old Days?

Maradona tries to get to goal in the final of Mexico 86.

Replay PLEASE!....Germany and Argentina are actually 'friendly foes' or should I say hardly strangers with one another. This game on June 30 is one the one that would guarantee Argentina with Brazil. A final that no one can ever describe! It's just crazy...I'm goin' loco here if this happens. There have been four games in total since West Germany beat Argentina in Rome to lift the 1990 FIFA World Cup - through Andreas Brehme’s late penalty - and a fierce rivalry which began in 1986 when Diego Maradona inspired Argentina ‘s 3-2 win over West Germany in the Mexico City Final has endured.

Find out more about the History of both teams in WC History by clicking here

[source pic]

Get Lost With Mr. Fox

Yeah I wish this would happen to me...but not in a million years, eh? ABC "Lost" star, Matthew Fox recently just looks great in this Italian Mag my sis bought. He's becoming a metro. like guyz all over here and a.k.a The New Sensitive Guy by the gurlz critics. I love watching this primetime series on AXN but always miss out on the episodes so I buy the DVD. Fox is just a great actor. There's just something different about him, the way he carried the character. Talk about addiction, I 'd just bought the Season 1, 2 today and I'm gonna watch it bck to bck wif my new mini-home theatre system...yay!

Wanna know more about the brave Mr.Fox, then check out Lost, cause you've found the right drama after a hard day's @ work or class. Here's some pics of him:


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

'Make Love Not War' During The World Cup

O.K, the idea is somewhat making sense, but how can we say this is true? Take a look at this pics because players are now having fun, becoming small-friendly puppies and little friskies during their training sessions. Hello? Focus....pple! This is the WC, not a time to play puppy-loving....awww.Cut it off! I know its great to play around but not until you rub each others a**ses lar!


(top)Brazillian FOOLS!

(top, left to right) Share some love and faith, don't neet too but really want to, the Czech getting ready for a GQ mag photoshoot eh?

(top) Kiss me ya bitch! Or I'll kick ur balls, And one and two, get up for the big stretch, gurlz...

[pic source]

Barfing Beckham Is Awesome

You just have to let Beckham bend. Just bend it like him and I'll guarantee ya, England goes soaring like a wild white lion thru the Quarterfinals.....C'mon Beckham we need your awful barf to keep England alive!. I love this shot because it's one of a kind. His barf-shot is making the headlines in every paer of the world! Wow...

As the Mirror UK said, to the English fans,
"We Gut the Great Feeling!"

A shot from the weekend's World Cup matches. Beckham propelled England into the quarter-finals with a free kick and then proceeded to show the world what he'd eaten for his last meal...
Bottomline, England is lucky because, they've got Barfing Beck on their side, Portugal's Key Players are off the field
in the next game and Beck will continue barfing once again,
statistical analyst predicts.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Match 57 - A Matter of Life And Death

Match 57, a match that would really determine Argentina deserves to win this years' world cup. The defending champion, Germany gets in our way. In S'pore nw...and I enjyed watching football matches here. Went to Boat Quay with a couple of friends.
I gotta go argentina!

---p/s I went to buy that sleek track top "Hand Of God" at the Adidas Original Store. Yeah!!!! Maradona Rocks!

And about England, terrific goal from Beckham but I don't think they'll last! Sorry guyz!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Imagine...Your Own Online Gallery

Have you ever wonder where ya could put your oil-painted or watercolored masterpieces? Well, look no further because The Saatchi Gallery is here to make you shine in public from your works of art. It;s a UK Based gallery. Hey, I'm gonna do my own art collection and then maybe post it online, Just keep checking this gallery for collection. In the meantime here's one of my favourite artist in the gallery itself:

(top)Rectangle 2 2006, Oil on canvas, 132cm x 82cm by Brian Biedul

Like what you see then, click here

Show Your Love For England With A Touch Of A Button

Can't get England Outta your head this WC season, always thinking about that hot Beckham and of course addicted to kicking balls on your TV....then try the all new Official England Remote Control. Guarantee to satisfy your love for balls...nah I mean the game. What!~ Not enough to satisfy your ball-hunger, then try other football gadgets that entice your football senses here. Now, that's what I call, ball crazy. Batteries sold separately...hehe

Let's Go Shop @ Warhol's and Hockney's

(top) As two bunnies prepare to attack, Andy Warhol remains unfazed atop his giant banana.

One of Andy Warhol's silver wigs, which was estimated to go for between $4,000 and $6,000, sold for $10,800 at Christie's yesterday. The wig came complete with the toupee tape which Warhol used to stick it to his head. You may not be able to get the wig anymore but you might still be available to get the action figure from Kid Robot. Other Warhol items of note at the Christie's sale: "A 1977 Polaroid photo of Muhammad Ali, signed by Warhol, sold for $19,200. And a Warhol Polaroid of Mick Jagger from 1975 went for a WHOPPING $15,600." That's fuckin' luxurious I say!

Warhol's belongings are definitely breaking records, and becoming priced possesion items like Picasso. If I was rich I wouldn't mind owning a pair of his undies he wears everyday.That'll be like Warhol, how Weird and artistic. Yeah, I'll have one and another...for display, duh! What were ya thinking? Anyway, back to reality, Warhol personal items will be sold gradually. Warhol's painting are not be missed, as a big fan of Warhol's masterpieces, I have a book and posters of is pop art. The previous record for a Hockney painting was $3.4 million for his work "A Neat Lawn".


Friday, June 23, 2006

Viva Argentina!

(Above) Maxi Rodriguez celebrating with a pose...not exactly yoga but its close. I call it the "sun-shine at my ass" position...hehe. I'm counting down the days for the match btw ITALY Vs. ARGENTINA. It's gonna be a blast!


Ghana IN ::: U.S Outta' Here :::Italy Reigns

Ghana team got their just desserts when they manage to qualify for R-16 last nite. I'm happr they did because we should have an African team going in. It'll be fun and even though they're not as good as Argentina (my fav lol to win!). They add a touch of fun to the matches I've seen so far. Love their comebacks.

I'm really excited for the match: Brazil Vs. Ghana because it's gonna be one unpredictable match. When Football pOwerhouses like Brazil, Argen
tina and Portugal, you can't assume that they're gonna win all the time but of course the advantages are there.

Italy qualified top of grp E...plyed well andwill be meeting the Aussie boys. Now this one, I can say that Italy will definitely win this one, why?'s so obvious that the Aussies are weak in their line-ups. We'' just whether my predictions are right. The WC gets more intense and paraapapa...I'm Lovin' It!

American soccer has fallen, almost! I thought they were gonna make it like they did last WC but someone's gotta leave. The one thing I don't really like about American soccer is their country are not fully supportive for the team at all. I mean, it is growing in the states but I don't see any lovin' from the folks. One of my friend in the U.S says it's a"minor-thingy"."
We know U.S isn't going into the Semi's, so we're not so into it this year" one friend of mine said. Its a pretty bad day for U.S and I don't really like Bruce Arena's coachin' he sucks at it! =(

Justin Is Back With A SexyBack

O.K you guys, after that long hiatus from music scene, Justin is finally back with the anticipated album "FutureSex/LoveSounds". The Single, "Sexy back" scheduled to be released in early July is different from his freshman tunes but this sophomre album is gonna be a hit like the first one, I can tell...good collaborations and hefty grooves. Swell! Downloads begins July 7.

Get the inside scoop on Justin by click here, here and here


Nike Rooney Was A "No-No" for Church

Do you remember the ad that Rooney boy made for Nike? Now that fucking image sparked outrage. Recently, British tabloids have been getting statements and critics mostly from MPs and church groups.I think its just an ad with our dear old Rooney boy showing off his pride for football that's all. Nothing wrong there. Nowadays, church everywhere are getting critical with entertainment media these days. Look at Da Vinci Code, O' how lame can that be! For me, an ad is just an ad...the way you interpet it is just your own
business, it's kinda like ART right?

Now, according to the Mirror, UK's #1 tabloid,

"Rev Rod Thomas of Church of England evangelical group Reform: "It's quite a disturbing image and because the paint is wet, it really looks like blood. It therefore brings to mind the crucifixion to many people, and why Nike would want to do that, I haven't a clue, unless it is simply as a publicity stunt. The trivialisation of Christ's suffering is highly offensive to Christians and to God. This will cause real hurt to people. The other aspect of it is the aggression contained in it, bound up with the flag of St George, which you might see as a throwback to the Crusades, which is hardly going to go down well with Muslim countries. It's offensive on several different levels."


L'Oreal goes surfer dude crazy

Dude Kelly Slater, currently living the age of 34 looks youthful and fresh as always! This 7 World Time Champ in surfing has got more bigger fish to fry. He is joining the L'Oreal dream team and becomes the new brand spokesperson for L'Oreal Paris skin care products. Slater has also been in several ads as spokesperson for your designer surfwear: Quiksilver, Volcom just to name a few....

The video with Laeticia Casta (hot model) can be seen in France and other countries, it's showing on local tv-stations in Europe it will not be seen in the US and Asia since they do not target this market with him! Furthermore, L'Oreal Malaysia doesn't market the line (products) for men so Slater can't be seen in our local ads. So, I went to the Official L'Oreal website for the lowdowns and got a peek @ Slater's ad. Awesome dude!

Didn't see the vid yet, click here

L'Oreal's previous television ad already featured a guy who kind of looks like Kelly Slater don't you think ? So, how's the old vids like, click here

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Clash of The Latin Titans,El choque de los Titanes

Carlos Tevez was hell of a great player today, the Sunshine squad put in a marvellous effort in the game and remain unbeaten!Lets not let their Latino rivals "Mexico" get in their way. It will be diificult for both teams, because they're good!

Too bad there was no scoring, but not a terrible game. Argentina had the better of it, but I think the result was appropriate given the run of play. Orangey Netherlands still trying to find some enthusiasm in their play. I still say finishing runner-up is the preferrable result given the initial competition in the next rounds. Bottomline? Argentina is soaring thru R-16...

(Top) Carlos Tevez: He's addicted to the ball, you wanna lick it dont'cha!


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I'm loving the selection of tracks here. Only a couple are currently available on iTunes. The whole lot feels very summery to me. Most are summer season inspired, so get ready to get hot and dance your way. I expect you'll be hearing many of these in the months to come. But some of them here are really lay back tunes which a person so busy like me needs in order to unwind. If you're not familiar with the artists, just open up and go discover them and you'll just love what you hear. Some could be ear-candy, who knows? If you love what you hear, you can buy from iTunes or use P2P software.

1. "Sunday" from Colour The Small One(2006)- Sia
This song just makes my Sunday, one of my favourite day of the week. Nonetheless, Friday still rules! It is just exuberant as "Don't Bring Me Down", her first single.

2. "L'ombre et La Lumiere" - Coralie Clement
Clement's latest album "Salles Des Pas Perdus" is just amazingly hypnotic. This tune reminds me of a summer day in Paris. Gimme some COFFEE with Coralie and I'm all set.

3." The Frog Prince" - Keane
"Under The Iron Sea" is their latest album and this particular track hits me like "Somewhere Only We Know". Another hit which would definitely make it big in the shelves.

4. "Janine" - Thievery Corporation
If it's the summer, then Brazillian-Latino beats conquers it all. The track "Janine" is paranormal with a touch of house and avant-garde jazz. The rhythms are upbeat, perfect for a day on the beach. Let's samba people!

5. "Other Side of the World" - KT Tunstall

Another star is born and this girls nails it with strong soothing vocals. Like her first Single Black Cherry but this one again reflects the feeling of summer.

6. "Maneater" (The Da Weasel Remix) - Nelly Furtado
3 WORDS...HOT! HOT! HOT! I'll try getting other mixes for this track . In the meantime this one will guarantee your hunger for...ahem! Admit it, we are man-eaters!

7. "Horny as a Dandy" — Mousse T vs The Dandy Warhols
Fantastic mash-up from two unlikely artists that started out as an underground bootleg in France. Mixes Mousse T's "Horny" with The Dandy Warhols "Bohemian Like You" Delivered with a couple of fantastic remixes from Tom Novy and So Phat!

8. "You Make Me Feel" - Milosh
Just play it in front your BF and you'll just get your just desserts! Sweet!

9. "Fade" (Grant Nelson Big Room Vocal Mix) - Solu Music Feat. Kimblee

A Ministry Of Sound (M.O.S) hit, love the vibes and good song to dance to. This song has become an instant classic, remixed by many. The Grant Nelson mix is the newest and best of the lot. Injects a fresh energy into this soulful track.

10. "I'm Listening" (Lenny B Extended Mix & Piano Mix) - Madison Park

James and DeAnna Cool have created their own slick brand of house-infused dance music that is chill as much as it is energizing. Hitting Billboard now.

11. "Celebrate The Day" (Celebration 2006 FIFA World Cup Anthem) - Herbert Groemeyer

Since it's world cup, get into the fever with this original hit-world class world music.

12. " You're My Flame" (Featuring Sia) - Zero 7

The Garden is just as satisying as Simple Things. For those new to acid jazz and trip hop, I strongly recommend this one for your music library. Unleash the creative energy in you!

13. "I Will Survive" - Gloria Gaynor

Finally, the Pride months come once again, show the world who you really are and just have fun being yourself with this classic. Just fab!

More to stay tuned! [source]


Michael Owen is going off the tournament...heard from Hate to see him go because I'm a great fan!The result of his scan was NEGATIVE. Just dissapointing... England will be nothing without mikey boy=(

Messi For FIFA Best Young Player Award

There is no doubt that Argentina is in top form for this world cup. As one of my fav to win the cup, they'd showed tremendous, fun performance . However, the man that pulled it off for Argentina is none other than Lionel Messi. He's a great player, better than Rooney Boy definitely. FIFA is yet to nominate the awrd and I think Messi should win it. Recently, has done a survey for fans and ask them who deserves the award and Messi came up on top! A total of over 7000 votes counted. So, guys...can we say he's the next Maradona? Only time will tell....

Have your vote counted by clicking here to vote for Messi as Gillette Best Young Player Award

As for Argentina, at 3 am match begins, and they just gotta win or draw! That'll be just fine.
even though they are through to R-16, meeting Mexico (Latin-Rivals) or Portugal (EURO-Cassanovas) is going to be a tough one. Vaya Argentina! Ole!


A "No Underwear" Fall for D&G

Thank god for the "no-underwear" collection. It's about time the designers put some clothes onto the customers. Hello? This is the Fall season not the Summer! Earth calling Dolce people...So, bravo for making such great designs.In fall, usually we are used to see leaves falling off the trees ... This fall Dolce & Gabbana will make the pants fall as low as it is legal ! Here are a few shots from their fashio walk weeks ago.

I was in Singapore on Sunday June, 18, when walking around Taka, Paragon and Orchard, then I stopped by D&G store, and it was just awesome. New Styles, even got the official catalogue but like everybody, I'm darn broke, we'll just have to settle for Topman...hehe! If you were not sure what the new Dolce & Gabbana ad campaign was about, this photo can help you guess !

Still want to have a peek at D&G , click here

Entourage Arrives to Asia...It's About Time!

HBO presents Entourage, the hit comedy series executive produced by the hunky and talented Mark Wahlberg that takes a look at the day-to-day life of Vincent (Vince) Chase, a hot young actor in modern-day Hollywood, and his entourage. He's brought with him from their hometown in Queens, NY: manager Eric, half-brother Drama, and friend Turtle. The series draws on the experiences of industry insiders to illustrate both the heady excesses of today's celebrity lifestyle, as well as the difficulty of finding love and success in the fast track of show biz. Now that the boys are getting used to the perks of stardom, Eric, along with superagent Ari, keep Vince's star rising while making sound decisions for a long-lasting career in a world of fleeting fame.

Jeremy Piven (plays Ari Gold) is the key character in this HBO Original and boy, he plays it well. So, what about him? One popular phrase says it all: "Hug it out, bitches!" All signs point to Jeremy Piven having lost all ability to differentiate himself from his Entourage character Ari Gold. The latest infraction took place this weekend at a Chicago Cubs game. I'll let the Tribune tell the story, just click here to know what I'm talking about!

Why you should watch Entourage? That's one good fucking question! Some might boringleh, wasting time (typical M'sian thinking) or worse, so dull and too much talking!
Not this one...In my perspective, it's a great story, rich and diverse characters played by talented cast (like Jeremy) is always a trademark of HBO Originals just like the Sopranos and Six Feet Under. It has got this pure emotional quality and depth to it, really thought provoking yet humorous! You guys gotta watch this and I'll guarantee it'll be as good as Six Feet Under.

It's already on America's HBO and will be on Asia's soil soon so stay tuned!
To find out more about Entourage, HBO has it all: US Website & Asia

(clockwise,Ari,Drama,Eric and Mrs.Ari)
For me, I've been watching the pirated versions (Season 1) selling in Shoppin' malls, naughty boy, huh? Oh well, what do you ex
pect? M'sia is darn fuckin' late in releasing great dramas like these.Entourage is on their 2nd season now in the US.

I'll be writing more about Entourage (Season 1) coming out in July 2006 in HBO Asia and maybe I'll put a special collumn for it.We could discuss its content. I love analyzing dramas and movies and doing this one is going to be a bang!