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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Keith Goes Off the Runway But Why Oh Why?

I'm a big fan of reality tv series
especially Proj.Runway, its official's a great show to satisfy your craving for
artistic creative energy and at the same time just have fun laughing out loud and breaking a few nerves here and there. So, I'd actually been catching up witht the series and downloaded some of the latest episodes using P2p of course....season 3 not 2. I know Travel And Living is still airing final moments of season 2, but I do enjoy watching series from last seasons especially my favs was Daniel, Santino and Chloe.

Chloe was hot and talented and it's just amazing to see how they've grown so much over the past months. Lots of opportunities, lots of stories to tell, People mag reports....
so what the hell are they doin' right now.

n 3: brand new:bad news:Keith: a hottie,I think he kicked ass:he was one of the first d'signer to fall, got kicked out....and that's just plain awful. What's next for the mr.suave? "I am focusing on getting a showroom to represent me," he says. "I need cash behind me to do what I want. Getting the funding that I need will hopefully let me show in September", says the ever stunning Keith Michael, People says. See the going-away video at Bravo

And he's confident he'll get the funding even without Project Runway's $100,000 prize. "I was hoping to win," he says. "But I will figure out another way of doing it. There's a few ways to skin a cat, right?"All the best to ya Keith! p/s the barbie doll episode was the best ever....yeah May Fern I totally agree with ya.


Sunday, August 06, 2006

Do The RainDance This Summer

I bet you heard about the heat-killing news happening across the U.S, in CA its fucking hot and the weather claimed a few lives. Even sis living in FL was complaining about the merciless heat that made the news. "The heat is different from M'sian one" said Lynn.The Dry, sizzling and scorching rays of the summer are a deadly combinaton, especially if you're living at the Southern states. The Big apple suffered and temperatures remained brutal. The National Weather Service reported record highs for the date at La Guardia Airport (99 degrees), Kennedy International Airport (99) and Newark Liberty International Airport (100). Records were also set in Islip, N.Y., at 98 degrees, and Bridgeport, Conn., at 97. The temperature in Central Park reached 96, which was short of a record.But guess what, rain came pouring in Manhattan this weekend and people went hysterically crazy about the rain, its been weeks since the Big Apple got a shower. Late summer and the Fall is just around the corner. I just hope that when I get there, my skin and lips doesnt crack like a nut and shed like a snake, it'll be disgusting and weird to see skin sheds continuously, it will probably take some time to get use to the Fall.


Where Has Mikey Boy Been ?

Truth is, nowhere! It's always the same old routine as my days in Malaysia is so going to end soon. I'm hunting for every Malaysian food I love and possibly the best in town. I know its gonna be tough leaving behind the "mamak"routine I always have with friends and of course those chinese pastry. It'll not be the same even though NY's Chinatown have some of them. What are the 10 things I'll miss, here's Mike Top 10 "Misses" of Malaysian Food (in random order of course), all deserved to be my #1's because I'd grown with them all my life!
  1. My Jalan SS14 Wong Soon Kee's Seafood Pan Mee
  2. SS2's Crunchy Curry Puff (forgot what's the vendor called) , its fucking huge and its worth every single sen!(and the S'ban Siew Pau is just so addictive and loads of fat too, but I still eat it, I can't resist)
  3. The mamak's we have everywhere, especially during WC, it's the most happening place like a club, difference is you get Roti Canai and tarik served (still loads of fat)
  4. Nasi Lemak: it's a love-hate relationship, you love it because it's a rice that you can't find anywhere else in the world but hate because it's so fat, haha!
  5. All those asian buffets & high-teas in high class hotels are just O.K with me.
  6. Laksa places, I've got a bunch of places I love going to satisfy my crave for laksa, cant remeber the name but it's still fat!
  7. In Ipoh, there's a restauraunt selling taugeh and chicken...lou wong, yes that's aplace I'll never forget, my hometown
  8. A weeks ago in Penang, another hawker stall, I still can't remember the name: Lesson 1: next time remember where' you're eating at, please Mike!
  9. Kopitiam...The Old Town one is O.K
  10. And finally, I miss the good-old Malaysian breakfast in the morning, whether it's chinese, malay or indian know you're hung with it! The banana leaves, chopsticks and sambal does it everytime.